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Actually a pretty good video, someone actually did the research and said that hardcore gamers are 7-1 in guys vs women ratio

Yep, which really can´t come as a surprise to anyone.

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The only other time I've heard of something like this was with Fallout: New Vegas. There was some sort of bonus if the game received a Metacritic score of 85, but the game ended up getting a Metacritic score of 84.

Its a lot more common than that but we just rarely hear about it because contracts are usually kept private and not given out to anyone.

But im not surprised, also Destiny got a fair score, when you try to be halo its bound to go wrong.

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So long as they don't limit future versions to just PC and Xbox, it's a very, very good move. Now, they get the profits on a very profitable game.

A part of me think that minecraft is pass it prime and going to be replace sooner than later.

If that ever happens, all MS needs to do is drop a 2 behind its title. I've never played the game, but I work at a library where kids come in after school and do nothing but play Minecraft. I see the same kind of potential in this game as I do in Pokemon. This is a brand that can pass from generation to generation. What MS needs to do, though, is respect the living hell out of this brand and make it thrive, something MS isn't usually known for when they acquire studios. If they let Mojang do their thing and nurture them, without the crippling restriction of exclusivity, then Minecraft will be around for years to come.

The problem is other games are taking what Minecraft does and going farther, like Everquest Landmark and look at they are doing.

Ya, but you know why minecraft is so popular and Everquest Landmark is not even close to 90% of the same number.

Minecraft is simple, easy to start and play and its modding community is just excellent, Landmark is complex, heavy on the computer (more than mc) and does not allow for the same modding. So for kids which anyone know is the majority of players in minecraft its a lot easier to pick up and go compared to Landmark or other games on the market. So saying minecraft is past its prime is like saying Lego or wow past its prime, which of course is far from the truth. Minecraft is also not that old yet, compare it to wow which is a decade old.

So Microsoft is actually not that dumb in buying Mojang and the brand, Minecraft and Mojang is a powerful brand for someone with the resources and power MS has.

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This is Christina Hoff Sommers , she's a former philosophy proffesor and a second wave feminist, someone who actually fought and suffered for feminist rights.

Here is her very reasonable view on sexism in video games : link

I know you are just a bit trolly and have posted again and again about some shit they call "gamersgate" which no one outside a select few in the industry, gaming community and media cares about with 90% of them being all based in the US.

But i am actually surprised you posted this video, because she says exactly what the "feminist minded" gaming media dont, and thats 48% of gamers are not female and we are down to under a 1/4 if we look at the core gaming market IE the ones who play Call of Duty, Tomb Raider and other games the same games the feminists want to change because in their mind, it doesn't matter that 70-80% is male and that only a small % is female, all that matters is that they can blow their own horn and feel good their own gender.

Hopefully now they will listen and stop using it as a excuse to demand change from developers.

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@The_Last_Ride: And?

Also whats the deal with always using these youtube jokers?

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Yes Destiny is a mmo without the mmo.

It was never intended to be anything but a mmo.

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While gamers have always cared about graphics, gamers do seem to care more about graphics this generation than in previous generations. How? Because every previous generation, the most powerful console never won the console war...

  1. N/A
  2. Atari 2600 beats Intellivision and ColecoVision
  3. NES beats Sega Master System
  4. Sega Mega Drive and SNES beat Neo Geo
  5. PS1 beats N64
  6. PS2 beats GameCube and Xbox
  7. Wii beats 360 and PS3

But now, the most powerful console this generation, the PS4, is leading by a wide margin. This is the first time in gaming history where the most powerful console will most likely win the console war.

So you are assuming that why the PS4 is leading is because its the most powerful console, when in fact thats far from the truth. The reason why Ps4 is in lead is because Microsoft decided to go all "Hey Gamers go F yourself we will do what we want and hey europe go F yourself as well, we will only release our console in a very few select countries because we dont give a crap" and ofcourse because the Ps4 is actually a pretty good console. And the WiiU well its the WiiU so that speaks for itself.

Also i dont think gamers care more this time about graphics than previous. Its just more obvious since we have the internet.

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Graphics do matter and everyone care about good graphics . Only fanboys deny that when they see something good looking on other platform that they don't own . Once something good looking comes on their platform then BOOM ! ... "Yes graphics do matter . Look at that low budget indie garbage on that platform , lol" .

That said , gameplay is still most important element in any "game" . More important than story telling , graphics and social justice .

Think you took a wrong turn. This is not Systemwars and here most luckily can make arguments that are more then just seem like made up ramblings by a 5year old.

System Wars or not , it's true .

Not even close to being the truth.

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I'm thinking they have ideas in mind for Kinect integration. I can kind of get that. It would probably be a good game for the developers to use to get acquainted with utilizing Kinect technology in game development.

lol imagine mining for diamonds using Kinect motion control...... but ok at least some of the fat kids could get some exercise then :D

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You should have moved it to Systemwars :)