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Go ahead, if they think they can justify the fiscal expense for it (a.k.a. medically), and if it's consistent with military law.

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But yeah she should get the treatment.

Pretty much. If a doctor believes Manning needs it for her well being and they do not provide the treatment, that can fall under cruel and unusual punishment. But anyway this thread is dumb, just another thinly veiled transgender hate thread. boring

I didn't make this thread to bash people who are transgender. I would feel the same way about Manning if he was straight. Most people who don't like Manning feel that way over the WikiLeaks scandal but his desire to be a woman has overshadowed the actual crime that put him in the USDB and has literally made him a rallying point for the LGBT cause in terms of the military. People are forgetting about the actual crime and are calling anybody who thinks ill of Manning as transphobic.

If anything, people who are pushing for the right for people who are transgender to openly serve in the military should hate Manning. Manning's lawyer actually tried to use the fact that he was transgender as one of the reasons for the leaks and that may have set back any chance for allowing people who are transgender to serve for years. Every time somebody brings it up an opponent only has to say three words: Chelsea, Manning, and WikiLeaks.

I would ask the other posters to open a new thread if they want to discuss whether or not being transgender is normal because I only want to discuss the merits of whether or not Manning specifically should be allowed to transition with or without tax dollars paying for it as an inmate while still under military control.

The transphobia problem comes not from you but mentally deficient scientifically illiterate fucktards shitposting in your thread, and every single thread related to transgenderism, with ignorant, obnoxious and arrogant nonsense that defies the medical and psychological consensus on the topic for no real reason or purpose under than to maintain an unjust social attitude towards millions of human beings.

LOL i have to admit i love it when liberals come into a thread and pretend like they have the only right opinion and anyone who think otherwise are just dumb.

Anyways personally i have no feelings towards FTM or MTF as long as they dont play a "cryinggame" and are honest about their situation.

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@The_Last_Ride: It actually doesn't....

Oh really? Then tell me what it doesn't tell us? Because it looks like a one sided slaughter

Looks like someone ignoring reality to me and posting pretend stats.

Please enlighten us here, what is the reality? care to post your idea of a source on the conflict.

Because so far you are acting more and more like someone who closes his eyes and ears and just runs around yelling nananananananana i cant hear you so its not true.

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Sony was going bankrupt as a lot expected it before they announce PS4 back in March 2013 and we thought that it is going Sega's route. It was in real debt and it had to invest even more money for PS4's development. PS4 sales helped it, but it's still in debt due to low sales in other Sony's departments. Nintendo had frozen Wii U sales everywhere and 3DS sales didn't meet executives expectation. I haven't followed numbers lately, but I think Nintendo is doing better than Sony and Microsoft is doing better than the two. People get blinded by sales, yet they don't look at debt or law cases that affect the company.

And what do you base that assumption on?

Also you are hopefully not suggesting that Sony was saved by the PS4 because then you clearly have no clue on how big Sony is in other fields and that their console division is actually not that big compared to their other divisions.

But of course Sony wasn't going bankrupt and the only ones who expected that are kids in system wars or laymen who have absolute no knowledge of how big Sony actually is and also how a multi billion company runs.

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I have 2 macs, love it, no problems no crashes, everything runs smooth. Starts up in 2 seconds. But it has no games and in my opinion is definitely the worst gaming platform. I also have a PC but since PC sucks so bad and is so damn slow and is such a major headache to just go a month without malware/spyware/viruses, upgrades... I haven't even turned it on in a year. The good games aren't available on mac

MacBooks: sucks for games, great for everything else

Mac is not for gaming.

Mac is a work pc who just happen to be able to play games also.

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If you've been following Sims 4 news at all, you'll know 2 weeks ago EA promised an actual live gameplay (not staged) video would be coming soon. That video has come and can be seen here:


Personally, I think the gameplay barely looks different from 3's. Which would make this game's closed world and lack of story progression that much harder to swallow.

ehmmm, of course the gameplay doesn't look different, what did you expect? its the sims , But what kind of gameplay did you want? Titans dropping down and you can run around shooting chinese soldiers.

The sims is the the sims and is a life simulator not anything else.

But from this it looks like its going 2 versions back to the old style of load screens everywhere and it doesn't look promising, even though its about time they made it possible to travel between "worlds/neighbourhoods" it will make for a much more dynamic world. And its clear the graphics got a upgrade, but still not getting this, not a game for me and never will be. but i know my GF loves it so i can always look over her shoulder :D

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I no longer read comics anyways but if they do it in the movies then i'll just stop watching them.

They dont do that in movies, Spiderman has been black for awhile now and the newest Spiderman movie is still featuring a white-guy and its not because they didn't have time to change that.

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@Jacanuk: Uncharted 2 doesn't have a health meter. It uses regenerating health like many 3rd person shooters. And while the story tells you he's human, you never get that feeling in the game because he's constantly shooting enemies down, taking bullets, and then recovering from them as if they were nothing but scratches. The dissonance part comes from the fact that the story tells you one thing, but you you're doing something completely different within the context of the game. Tomb Raider has the same problem, this is true.

And with The Last of Us, it's said time and again that Joel has lived through the apocalypse long enough to be a killing machine, and many people around him say as such. And within that game, you take the same amount of damage the enemies do. One headshot, you're dead, same as the other guy, while Drake can take multiple shots to the head and live (trust me, I've seen it happen in my playthroughs).

A health meter is a health meter, don't make the mistake of thinking anything but its a general term.

And it clearly subjective, while you might not feel the story because of one shot corresponds with the gameplay its highly subjective, its how you feel. And you are the first who even mentions a Sterling phrase used about Tomb Raider about Uncharted. The gameplay of course has to be in line with the fact that you are playing a game, also The Last of Us is exactly the same as Uncharted, you can be hit numerous times and still survive, is it a bit less hits than Uncharted, sure but its also much more focused on stealth gameplay. Oh, and again opposite you i haven't been headshotted in either game so you have to run straight into that on purpose. So it doesnt really work as a argument for "sterling"

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@SolidGame_basic: Yes Destiny can stop Destiny from becoming GOTY because its not special.

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I really enjoyed it as well, I feel they could have done more with the main villain character but I totally want to play more of that game. Hopefully a season two will be made as it seems set up for one.

Yep, i cant wait for season 2 and of course GoT and Tales from Borderlands.

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@Jacanuk: Ludonarrative dissonance refers to a conflict between the narrative and the gameplay of a video game, meaning that the story seems at odds with the goals of the actual mechanics. So Uncharted 2 is a good example of it. The fact that, in the main game, Nathan Drake can soak up a ton of bullets without dying, but suddenly in the narrative he takes a solitary bullet to the gut and is fighting for his life, and then continues gunning down soldiers while bleeding out? That's a disconnect between the game and the story. It also appears in the game of BioShock, where you're encouraged to become as powerful as possible by being a selfish greedy jerk, when the narrative says being selfish and greedy was what brought Rapture down in the first place. Same thing in BioShock Infinite, where a man with a violent past is trying to redeem himself, but winds up slaughtering legions of people in order to achieve that goal.

Now look at The Last of Us, where humanity is desperately trying to survive both an infected horde of zombies and other humans trying to survive. The violence is justified because of the need to live. And when people fight to live, they can be a terrifying and psychotic bunch, which is shown in the gameplay as well as in the main story. There, the dissonance is lessened.

I've looked at this "problem" for as long as I've heard of the term. It's a big thing in games, and it has been for a while, but only recently are people getting up in arms about it.

Ok, you understood what it means but you got it wrong with Uncharted 2, that you while playing have a health meter and that allows for multiple bullets, is a part of the game.

If you want to use the term use it where it's needed like with a game like Tomb Raider, you have a 18 year old girl who never shot a gun, never killed anyone, never fought anyone, and you are told this constantly throughout the game, then while playing you are nothing short of a mini-rambo, thats Ludonarrative dissonance. Uncharted 2 never goes against that Drake is human, so naturally he can be shot once like any other human. Also its literally impossible for a game to keep its "gameplay" elements and let you die by one bullet, so using LD like you do is just misuse of a term.

The Last of Us does the same as Tomb Raider,

Also its not really a big thing in games, most seem to have a corresponding story to its gameplay but after Sterling used the term, its being spread like wildfire.