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Why would you even consider those 2? Bioshock infinite is over and done for and in a bit the 2 DLC´s can be bought on sale.

And BF3? BF4 is out and its also soon going on sale

But if i had a gun to my head and had to choose it would be BF3 , Bioshock isent worth it.

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No idea haven't bought a physical game in ages that wasn't a collectors edition that came package together with all the other trinkets and would be pretty hard to fit down in a blu-ray cover.

And also i dont really care what it comes as, i have a seperate place for my blu-ray/dvd´s anyways.

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So do any mod know why the tag that used to say "blog" isn't there anymore? because its become a insane nuisance that almost half if not more of the new threads in Games are blogs and totaly irrelevant for anyone not following or showing an interest in that person's opinion.

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@trfe said:

Xbox one is 2 million behind ps4 worldwide and with a $100+ price tag and with the ps4 is in about 30+ more territories.

Come September when xbox one launches all over things will even out quickly.

And what make you think that X1 will sell 2mill more than Sony in a area where Sony has their big market, plus the fact that its not like people havent been able to get a X1, it just havent been with Local languages which is something that can be fixed with a software update.

So i think we will have a situation like last gen with Xbox360 vs Ps3 where X360 had the lead a long time.

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I'm a fresh blogger that's been a member of Gamespot since 2009, and I've finally mustered up the courage to share one of my more recent discussion points here on the forums. :P

@dondelagato said:

Ever been watching TV and suddenly a suspenseful, action-packed/emotionally driven cinematic trailer unfolds before you, accompanied by miscellaneous words, phrases and numbers like:

“AMAZING. 5/5” – GamerPoop


“A MUST-BUY. 98/100” – DrippyButtNetwork

Your heart starts to race. Your palms are sweaty. Your pupils dilate to the size of golf balls – and at this point you think to yourself;

“Goddamn, I NEED DIS!”

It’s your embedded desire to consume a product that, well, consumes you. You rush over to your local games store and snag the first copy you see, wide-eyed and eager to play.

On the way home you can’t stop thinking about how awesome the experience is going to be.…Then, you finally open your front door, run to your beloved gaming system, pop the disc in, and lo-and-behold…turns out YOU CAN’T STAND THE FUCKING THING!

“What is this!? I don’t like this at all! NINE-POINT-FIVEout of TEN!? This has to be a joke! How dare these gaming media outlets lie to me! ” – Your Brain

Though fear not, it isn’t your fault; you simply fell for a tactic that gets so many of us to buy things we don’t want, need, or even particularly like; and I’d be lying to you if I said I haven’t been suckered by advertising either. So if you’re like me and have experienced this situation multiple times, let me explain to you why scores don’t mean a goddamn thing when it comes to the most significant factor contributing to fanboy wars; opinions.

If I've managed to pique your interest, you can read the rest here.

What a lot of time to find out the obvious that only opinion that matters is your own.

I kinda find it sad though that some people look at scores and let that decided for them on a purchase. But i guess the last idiot haven't been born yet.

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What is this game like? Is it anything like RDR or GTA V? I usually like just about everything that Rockstar puts out, but I've heard this game is slow and I hate slow games.

It really depends on what kind of game you like and what your expectations are for LA Noire, because its not go crazy open world game, its actually a very linear game put down in a open world frame, where besides the 42 "streetcrimes" and limited collectibles, the world serves no purpose other than acting like a frame for the main story.

But if you are into a great story and great gameplay in the adventure/crime genre then LA Noire is 100% worth the cost on sale

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As everyone knows, it was completely broken on release but how is it now? Is it running smoothly? Is it possible to actually enjoy playing it?

Its running fine and yes you will be building big cities but it wont be SimCity 2000 or 4 big cities but if you use the different maps you can actually build pretty big cities.

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Ghosts did poorly because it was a bad game. For the first time ever, the campaign was mediocre, the multiplayer failed to make any significant changes, and the co-op mode was ripping off the fame and aesthetic of Treyarchs zombies.

Ya a game that sells above 500mill did poorly, particular considering the cost to develop was not even 50mill.

I gotta laugh that people who keeps going on about Ghosts failing, yes it did sell apr. 20% less than its predecessor, but that also made a bill $, so 20% is a lot but the game still made more than enough and still made insane profits.

And the decline is not something that will get the next one or next one again cancelled.

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Not bad and yes now they just need youtube instead of that twitch nonsense.

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@noob2pwn said:

Hey guys I'm in my third year at university doing journalism, as the title suggests I'm working on my dissertation and its on objectivity in video game magazines and websites.

Basically its about whether or not game reviews are affected by sponsors/owners/advertisers so I was really hoping someone of you guys could answer these questions. I've done the same poll on the Nintendo Official magazine website and I'm going to compare the results

You have no idea how much of a help this would be, I've had responses from editors and journalists at CVG, Playstationlifestyle.com, thegamerstudio.com and a freelance journalist for IGN so far but now I want to get the view from readers

I really hope that some of you guys could help me out with this

Feel free to comment as comments are important to be included in it, which game do you feel was given an unfair review and why?

Thanks guys

Since most people in the gaming media has no formal training/education/experience working as a real journalist, they also lack the tools to help make them able to do the best "unbiased" review. Which in itself is a oxymoron.

They don't get paid to be unbiased, they get paid to play a game and give their own opinion on it, its just us "laymen" who put them on a pedestal like their opinion is worth anything more than a friends or one's own.

So the answer to your question Yes i always see bias reviews , but i dont expect them to be anything else.