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Have people who say 30 fps is ok EVER played on 60 fps? Have they ever realized the difference?

I have no idea how can anyone play at 30 fps and not get physically sick. Now, if anyone actually believes they went 30 fps FOR PLAYER EXPERIENCE then I guess they deserve what they get.

Then you must not play a lot of games... And i guess you skipped the PS2, Xbox, Ps3, Xbox360, Wii, WiiU, SNES, NES etc. etc. etc. etc and a whole lot of pc games up until a few years ago. On the account that you get physically sick by their sheer presence on the screen.

Or should we just confirm that you are one of those people who love to seem "hip" and only want to play in 60fps even though you have been perfectly good with 30 for so long.

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Do you like these massive games or do you prefer to see an end in sight? I don't mind a large game, but I do like to have a goal and an end in my sights. I've never played an Assassin's Creed and figured I'd check out Blag Flag to hold me over until The Order. I had no idea this was as BIG as it is. There's just so much to do - almost too much. Years ago, I stopped playing Skyrim because (for me) it was just too big.

What are your thoughts? Do you seek out games where these worlds are so massive or do you prefer something a little more linear?

Hmmm, Yes and no games can become to big, it all depends on the developers and if they because its to big become unfoucsed because they are to wide spread, like with Just Cause 2, where the massive open sandbox clearly had a impact on the main story or the open world setting in LA Noire which was just empty and GTA with its 3 protagonists which instead of making the story better, just makes it cluttered and probably the worst so far in any GTA game.

So its all up to the developers.

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This is interesting, so they might not go the route of 60 fps. But nothing is certain though


Why is it interesting? 60fps is nice but as long as its above 25fps its fine and wont be noticed by most gamers.

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Yawn, i am guessing more feminist garbage?


The funny thing about feminists is that they don't seem to get that in a free market and with private companies only ruled by one thing "cash" there is no sexism or oppression of women. Because why would any company exclude themselves from a huge market if it was there. Its idiotic and if Anita, Hailtothequeen and all the others instead of whining came together and made their own game the way they wanted it, they would be able to see this for themselves.

And if its in the real world and workplace there are laws to prevent discrimination based on gender.

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Something simply are not game related

And what would that be?

But i will admit though that the latest debates have been insane filled with hypocritical arguments and blatant lies.

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Who gives a crap?

And strange that someone with just 32 posts come with such a blatant example of advertisment of a game.

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Is it just me or are we talking about ganes less now....

The most likely reason is theres just no new games that have come recently.... thats usually what people talk about here....

But I thought that with no new games we would talk about the previous ones....

So... uhm.... whats up with that ?

What games should we discuss?

But this is games discussion a general forum about gaming not just games.

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@ariabed said:

@Jacanuk: "Particular when the game is not bad for the industry and has no worse violence than tons of other released games, Postal, GTA, Call of Duty, Payday, etc."

The violence in this game is nothing like those games you mentioned, in those games you mentioned there is a point to the violence, the violence is necessary to complete objectives, a necessary evil so to speak, granted in gta you can just go around shooting people just because your bored but thats not the sole purpose of the game. Hatred is much more detailed and graphic than gta in its kill animations and there's no real reason for the mass slaughtering other than a guys hatred for society.

With all the violence and death and unrest happening all over the world we can do without a game like this.

Have you even played Postal? or GTA?

There is absolute no point to any of the violence in those games, particular not in Postal here you can slap a old granny silly and take a leak on her face, not to mention that you can take a cat place it on a shotgun and use it as a silencer.

In GTA you can stab random people, run over random people, no point to any of that.

I dont know why Hatred is getting so much hate, because all people do is show just how hypocritical they are and honestly the arguments "Dooooooooh the violence in the other games are different" is just pathetic because its clearly exactly the same.

And the last argument could be said about any game with violence

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@-Kaoru- said:

Why would a moderator delete the video while I see countless threads full of links to youtube memes videos full of crap?

What the hell happened in the forums? This wasnt like this.

If you couldn´t see that it was a blatant attempt at adveristing their own youtube shit, then you haven´t been here for awhile, since its nothing new.

At least now with Byshop as mod it seems we have a moderator that actually cares.

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Hey guys,

Been playing through the new Resident Evil remaster, if anything it reminds me that I shouldn't rely on checkpoints and auto saves! I had been probably just under twenty years since I played the original, so I couldn't remember a thing about it. Nice to have the HD remaster to play through again, even if it is a punishing return to survival horror.

I made a little video of my frustrations, if you have four minutes spare out of your beautiful lives and fancy a gander - you're more than welcome to!

Has anyone else found it difficult to get back into the more tricky old school survivor horrors? It took me like 10 bullets to kill the first zombie... but then I learnt to peg it instead, so I guess it's all a learning curve!

Moderator Edit: Video Removed

Resident Evil Remastered isent hard, not even on the hardest setting.

Its just because you have grown up with carebear games.