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@indzman said:

Recovering from a nasty cold and slight temp ( was sick for last two days) as i'm typing this.

wbu? :)

Last time i was really sick was about 12 years ago but that was only due to a allergic reaction to some bad food.

Other than that i don't get sick (knock on wood)

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@Jacanuk: I never played a game where you snipe from 3rd person perspective.. most of time it just zooms into 1st person in sniper.

You must not have played a lot of games then,

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@rabakill said:

Here's the thing, THC is not always the most active component. Sometimes CBD is. That's a fact, it's undeniable you are ignorant plain and simple.

I never said "THC wasn't the most active component". You have weak reading skills and even worse comprehension. I can't talk to you, you are making things up that I never said and making statements that are contrary to reality. You need to learn to think more clearly, which is funny considering the debate, but you really are not reading very well. Try using your brain more and emotion less, you've got a point to drive home and to do so you're lying about things I said and misinterpreting to force your fallacious point home, all the way lying about things that you know nothing about. What a fool. Your quick reactions are driven by bias and what you think you know is simply made up.

And again you prove that you are nothing but a troll..

Firstly CBD which is Cannabidiol is indeed a component but again THC is the main component so even though it might not be present in large quantities, its still the key to your high.

And its funny to hear that you have run out of arguments and you now start to lash out like a 5 year old who are told the facts and it proves that "hey kids Marijuana is bad". You have yet to link to one actual source that backs anything you have said up and the link you showed was just a short summary of a report of how THC can benefit as a medicine. But you continue to smoke what ever you want, in the end luckily it only hurts you.

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Watch Dogs is the biggest flop.

Destiny is not a flop and have sold insanely well and will sell more. The reason why reviewers and some levelheaded gamers doesnt like Destiny is because its just halo on new bottles but without the captivating story, character as Master chief or anything remotely as good as there was in the first Halo game.

But its still "Halo" and the gameplay in halo is still great for those who like a fps.

Watch Dogs is a flop because its a bad game that lacks everything and is not even fun to play.

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@rabakill said:

THC is not always the most active component, so you're making things up and passing it off as fact

Denying the effect of Sativas is hillarious, absolutely hilarious. Self-righteousness speaking from a place of profound ignorance.

It's not a debate, you have no idea what you're talking about and passing it off as fact making factual errors in nearly every sentence. Seriously, you are just plain ignorant and willingly so. There are millions of people with experience that will corroborate the evidence that Sativa has uplifting energetic effects, you have no experience, no knowledge yet make ignorant comments. Go ahead, keep proving how poorly your brain works.


oh look scientific evidence stating as much, you'll say oh that's one source. I'd look up another, you'd discredit it... because you're being purposefully ignorant with a bias. This is what stupid people do. Every time you respond you are documenting your willful ignorance and personal bias.

No, there is no way Marijuana or the plant people smoke would not contain the natural active component which is THC, i am kinda beginning to doubt your "use-history" here because Also the natural occurring cannabis plant would never of course not hold the chemical component its made up off.

Its true that you can find industrial made cannabis plants but those are called hemp and are used to manufacture clothes etc. and will never get you or anyone smoking it a high since its been removed from that.

Well, here is one thing we can agree on its not a debate because all you come with a made up facts and conjecture which have no basis in reality and i guess must be propaganda from the "weed lobby" If you really want to convince people you might want to try with facts that can be proven by more than a admitted heavy users words on a board.

As to your link? well first of all did you even read it? because if you think that backed any of your ramblings you clearly have not read it. But lets take a snip of it

"Much has been learned since a 1982 IOM Marijuana and
Health report. Although it was clear then that most of the
effects of marijuana were due to its actions on the brain,
there was little information about how THC acted on brain
cells (neurons), which cells were affected by THC, or even
what general areas of the brain were most affected by THC."

But oh wait you just said that THC wasn't the most active component............ so again thanks for proving my point and i never actually said that THC and cannabis couldn't have medical value, in fact i even mentioned that key companies within the medicinal industry has begun clinical trials and have made pills, sprays and other that holds the beneficial value but doesn't give you a high.

Also if you read on it actually clearly states that the medical benefit comes mainly from the THC ;)

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@rabakill said:

@Jacanuk said:

@rabakill said:

It really shows you know very little about it and are talking from a place of ignorance. There are 2 major kinds of strains, Indica and Sativa. Indica makes you tired and relaxed. Sativa is proven to give you energy and make you motivated to do things, sitting around and being lazy from a Sativa is nearly impossible. But you know, you wouldn't know that speaking from a please of profound ignorance.

You might want to read up on cannabis other then what you find on the package you said you smoked a lot, because besides its true that within the cannabis family there are indica and Sativa and its said that Sativa has different effect, but its mostly what users themselves say which is far from the truth.

Since Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica main ingredient is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol which is known for its high potency and its relaxing effect on users, it would be highly illogical for a drug that contains that to have a "energetic effect" and i guess it might be because you are using it and you try to justify it to yourself, but the case is probably more that since one has a higher presence of THC that the other one with less can seem to be more "energising" but THC is THC.

And i have yet to see more serious medical reports that says otherwise but hey link away but dont think you can link to "cannabis HQ" or Smokinghigh websites and think that constitutes serious sources.

So, let's get this straight. You, someone who has no experience in something, is making a statement of absolute certainty? It's common knowledge that sativas are uplifting and give you energy, doctor's will not prescribe to people that need pain relieve/relaxation because that's not how they work. There is more than one type of cannabinoid in each strain, you stating that you know the truth with zero experience in the area is simply ignorant. This is the kind of nonsense we deal with all the time, you are speaking from a place of zero knowledge. Go smoke a sativa and try to sleep, then go smoke an indica and try to sleep. Actual experience will show you that you are speaking about something with no knowledge. But whatever, it's clear you are uninformed and have zero intention of learning anything, you're in the ignorant and self-righterous crowd.

You know CBD is one of the most promising cannabinoids and actually has cancer killing (via apoptosis) and epilepsy treatment potential. Or are you just going to keep regurgitating the same stupid argument, oh noes.... the THC, the horror

Well, if you want to play it that way. Then are you really trying to pass your "knowledge" as a heavy user off as facts and as something you should actually take serious for one second? As i again said the effects of THC is well documented and Cannabis both "strains" main component is THC. Also i see you have been looking at wiki, you might want to get your info from a more reliable source. And as to the "energising effect" that is actually far from reality and you seem to mistake users "description" as facts. particular when the reason is not that gives you more energy but that it affects the "reward" center and that its lower amount of THC can be key factor in how "relaxing" it feels.

You are right that cannabis have been found to be medical usable which is way major pharmaceutical industries like Novo etc. have begun to do research and begin to clinical test cannabis medicine, so you don't need to smoke it or legalize it to get that benefit.

But as i said stop trying to pass your knowledge off as anything trustworthy, and link to reliable sources, if you want to continue this debate.

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@Jacanuk said:

Holy spam cow of all that is spam :D

The entire 1st page of GD is now nothing but spam......

Epic bot invasion :D

Ya that was crazy

Iv seen it be bad but this was just insane. I dont get the admin team at GS, is it really that hard to prevent bots today.

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Holy spam cow of all that is spam :D

The entire 1st page of GD is now nothing but spam......

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Isn't sniper in 1st person anyway?

Not always thats why it called 3rd person

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I personally think its all down to hand-eye coordination and a good portion of game mechanics and nothing else

Also next time perhaps write what you think also other than just making a poll.