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Sad to say, this is a hard decision to make here. Sonic 2 and 3 has total potential for me. But, going against my favorite, I must vote for Sonic 2, simply because I feel like Sonic 3 was incomplete as a game, and it should've done much more to lengthen the gameplay even more..

So, sorry Sonic 3... Sonic 2 reigns supreme.

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1: yes it is. but when expanded, you can play the other levels from past sonic games on S&K

2: it did lack the Ice Cap Zone, but it was still an ok game to poke around with.

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I have to say in my opinion, Sonic 3 was my ultimate favorite. Sonic & Knuckles was ok, it's challenging enough. But it never stuck out for me to actually get through. Sure, it has a great dynamic feature of using other sonic games to enhance your experience and play additional levels and you get to play as Knuckles, but despite of all great things about S&K, it just doesn't stand out, but it's fun to play, though.
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With Sonic back on top (thank you Sonic Unleashed), I hope this will be a great installment to the Sonic series. ^_^