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Gamespot's All Time Greatest Heroes Disappointment....

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Why? Why would Sonic lose to BUB AND BOB?! I love Bubble Bobble and Bust-A-Move, but do those games ever exist anymore? Maybe for online games, but for personal consoles? I guess I lost all faith in gamespot. . . maybe. I know the current Sonic games are losing its' edge, but please the games are just for entertainment, don't judge a game by graphics, sound, and playability. Just play them for entertainment sake.

But why in the world would Sonic lose to 2 dragons (or...something)? I'm deeply saddened, but the choice has been made. Guess I can't fight it, it's what the people favor for. They just oust Sonic off because of his next-gen games. *sighs* What a waste.

New Breaking Benjamin Album Soon!!!

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Breaking Benjamin's "Dear Agony" is coming Sep. 29th everywhere!
It features the new single "I Will Not Bow" and it is featured from the Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates"
I'm flabbergasted that they finally come out with something so anticipated and amazing!


My New Union

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I have a new union set up, and I need a few more members that need to accept the invites. Pweaze? I need to pull this off.


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Sega Genesis broke! TT_TT Thank god I have many collections for the 360 and the PS2! ^^

A sad day for me

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Well, just Friday of last week, a friend of mine dies while playing at a High School football game. Died from not responding to CPR. He had a history of heart murmurs and I (and his family, friends, and school board/staff members) have suffered a great loss.


Jake will be remembered.

About my day. . . again

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What's up? Nothing much here, I;m just catching up on to some games that I have played in the past. As I look back now, some of the games I have been playing (as you can see my contributions/reviews), my tastes are varied.

Noting much has been going on, except that I have less than 1 1/2 weeks left before school is out for the summer. I'm even glad that this is happening, it gives me a chance to finish my Sonic The Hedgehog flash game. ^_^ My development of my flash game has been going on since 2 years ago, and very little improvements has been made, but now Summer Break gives me an opportunity for something that I have yet to finish in the long run.

Now, with GameSpot, I have yet to review more games and try to make an impression of anyone who visits my page here.

Thanks for reading.


Just an update about my day

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Hello Gamespot

I'm just online to see how everyone in this community is doing. I'm doing good, for the most part. I just broke a Sega CD Console, but I worked on it for 4 days (that's earlier), and it works like new.
I will be reviewing more retro games as long as I have access to the Internet, but I hope everyone here has a good day and I'll see you in the flipside.

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