Say Something Nice about the Other Systems.

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#1 Posted by Shielder7 (5191 posts) -

PC. - Free Multiplayer. (Have to give it props for this it maybe a headache and a half to get it optimized the way you want, but at least it doesn't sell you your games in bits and pieces)

Wii U - Classical Games (still hoping for a halve decent Metroid game)

- Free Multiplayer (same reason as PC)

- It made a straight gaming system with little social media crap

Xbox One - Um............. I'll get back to this one once I think on it a bit.

#2 Posted by LJS9502_basic (152919 posts) -

Eh I usually find games to play on all the consoles....though I haven't updated yet to this gen.

#3 Posted by FreedomFreeLife (3186 posts) -

PC - games

Wii U - games

PS4 - games

Xbox One - games

#4 Edited by HoVDaHuSTLa1 (1211 posts) -

PC-Day Z

Wii U - Mario Kart 8

Xbox One- nice black finish?

#5 Posted by Telekill (5272 posts) -

@FreedomFreeLife: Exactly this. It's always about the games and should be. It doesn't matter our preference, we're all gamers.

#6 Posted by Shielder7 (5191 posts) -

@Telekill said:

@FreedomFreeLife: Exactly this. It's always about the games and should be. It doesn't matter our preference, we're all gamers.

Not always If MS had of stuck to their Always Online BS I doubt all the great games in the world would of mattered.

#7 Edited by starwolf474 (983 posts) -

PlayStation 4 - Great 1st party studios

Xbox One - Best online service and controller

Wii U - Great 1st party studios

PC - The Oculus Rift and all the other virtual reality devices that are set to release soon are the most exciting video game related thing I have seen since the jump from 2D to 3D games

#8 Edited by DJ-Lafleur (34367 posts) -

I don't think any of the 8th gen systems will turn out bad, TBH. A some will be weaker compared to others of course, but all will have/do have something to offer.

#9 Posted by ominous_titan (833 posts) -

I have all the systems for one reason, the fucking games. Now praise the sun yo

#10 Edited by PAL360 (27377 posts) -

PC runs every game at high performance, and has lots of great strategy and sim games

X1 is a good media platform, and will get Halo and Forza games, the best of their genres

Nintendo exclusives are amazing

#11 Posted by trugs26 (6121 posts) -



#12 Posted by treedoor (7648 posts) -


  • Cheapest to game on
  • Most games

Wii U

  • A few interesting titles already released, and upcoming


  • Portable Nintendo

Xbox One

  • A few interesting titles already released, and upcoming
#13 Posted by Solid_Max13 (3550 posts) -

PC- amazing technology and groanics

Wii U- loveable characters and franchises

Xbox One- great multiplayer experience

PS4- great franchises and new IPs

#14 Posted by tdkmillsy (1768 posts) -

Very typical of these forums that people would rather troll than participate in the thread topic. But the OP started it so cant really expect anything else.

PC - The ability to have the best graphical experience by far if you can afford the setup

Wii U - 1st party Good quality games

Xbox One - Variety of what you get and the potential to have that all in one system

PS4 - Selling well and loads of indie titles if that's your thing.

#15 Posted by charizard1605 (62635 posts) -

PS4: gamers console, built for gamers, with no bullshit around it
X1: Some great exclusives already, with more incoming. I like the controller as well
Wii U: Nintendo's first party is fucking amazing
3DS: Nintendo's first party is fucking amazing, AND third party support to boot!
PSV: Dat hardware. But more importantly, Persona 4 Golden

#16 Edited by Couth_ (10369 posts) -

wtf are the "other systems"? I like how plebs automatically assume everyone else is a 1 console fangirl like themselves

#17 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

How am I supposed to do that when the other systems are so goddamn terrible?

#18 Posted by charizard1605 (62635 posts) -

@Floppy_Jim said:

How am I supposed to do that when the other systems are so goddamn terrible?

Find it within your heart to be nice.

#19 Edited by misterpmedia (4610 posts) -

You're getting Bayonetta 2, you lucky bastards.

#20 Posted by seanmcloughlin (38219 posts) -

You mean systems I don't own?

WiiU - Interesting concept. It has Monster hunter and the new X game looks cool

Xbone - There is literally nothing good I can say about it at this moment

#21 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25834 posts) -

@charizard1605 said:

@Floppy_Jim said:

How am I supposed to do that when the other systems are so goddamn terrible?

Find it within your heart to be nice.

I can't do nice anymore. I'm too grouchy, jaded and curmudgeonly :(

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Please don't make me do this. Last night my mom made me eat my peas and carrots, and now you want me to say something nice.


#23 Posted by CyberLips (1827 posts) -

@FreedomFreeLife said:

PC - games

Wii U - games

PS4 - games

Xbox One - games

I think that you have a multiple personality disorder or just screwing with all of us.

#24 Edited by cainetao11 (20148 posts) -

I do all the time. I value the differences of systems. Its Cows arrogance I find disgusting.

#25 Edited by AzatiS (8348 posts) -

PS4 - Great performance on great price while you know beforehand youll get amazing, both quantity and quality exclusives on all major genres.

Wii U - Zelda . A must play ( even if its a rent when itll release ). I like the joypad for a reason.

X1 - ... hmmm let me think what it has that stands out of the others for 500$ price tag ... hmmm ..ryse graphics? Does that count ? lol....

#26 Posted by CrownKingArthur (5262 posts) -

ps4 - simple cheap console without the fluff

xb1 - maybe good for people who don't like looking for the remote control

wii u - gamepad allows some extra functions

pc - can produce graphics i deem acceptable

#27 Posted by Zidaneski (8492 posts) -

PC- Mods, oh how I miss mods!

Wii U - Smash brothers and Pikachu.

X1 - Twitch streaming in 720P, and having a mech game. I love me some mechs!

#28 Edited by shawn30 (4367 posts) -

Wii-U - has the great Mario series and many family games

PS4: Priced good and seems to please Playstation fans

PC: Forever will it be the graphics king, provided you care about that

Xbox One: Best games thus far, most interesting games to me coming within the next 2 years. Love Kinect for OS, Snap, Twitch Broadcast, Skype, and Xbox Fitness navigation. Looking forward to full season of NFL Fantasy Football. Just feels next gen to me in a number of ways, and has far more games I want to play than the competition.

#29 Posted by whiskeystrike (12096 posts) -

Don't own an Xbone but it has Killer Instinct which looks nice. PS4 doesn't really have anything to offer by comparison. Maybe in the future yeah, but not for right now.

#30 Posted by Bigboi500 (31580 posts) -

Xbox One helps me keep more money and gives me more time away from gaming.

#31 Posted by voljin1987 (922 posts) -

Wii U - Mario kart 8 and X coming

PS4 - Infamous SS and looking forward to playing Witcher 3 on it - my PC not stronk enuff :(

Xone - Titanfall

PC - Dota 2

#32 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3858 posts) -

Me, a lemming, say something nice about the competition? That's cute.

#33 Posted by wolverine4262 (20208 posts) -
@princessgomez92 said:

Me, a lemming, say something nice about the competition? That's cute.

You, a lemming? Thats cute.

#34 Posted by tyloss (846 posts) -

@shawn30: sounds like you're trying to convince yourself.

#35 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3858 posts) -

@wolverine4262 said:
@princessgomez92 said:

Me, a lemming, say something nice about the competition? That's cute.

You, a lemming? Thats cute.

Just look at my gamerscore. :drops:

#36 Edited by Spartan070 (16383 posts) -

PC: Nigh infinite customization, peripherals, backlog of compatible games and free multiplayer. Easily the "least limited" platform.

WiiU: Several great games and franchises remain exclusive to it, highest reliability of any platform.

Xbox One: Still the best place for console multiplayer, excellent variety of apps and entertainment features, great controller.

PS4: Unbeatable combination of power and price, PS+ will get better and better over time, PS Now has amazing potential if done right.

#37 Posted by shawn30 (4367 posts) -

@tyloss said:

@shawn30: sounds like you're trying to convince yourself.

Nope. I bought the system on launch day, own Ryse, DR3, CoD, Peggle 2, KI, and Titanfall. I use Kinect for Skype and Xbox Fitness, and will be using the one for NFL FF this upcoming season. I'm very pleased with my purchase, but I knew going in I wanted the all in one system. I can do a number of those things with my Galaxy or laptop, but all voice commanded from my TV kicks ass, plus the facial recognition login and TV control is a blast. I the One very often, so no convincing here. May pick up a PS4 later this year when something arrives I truly want. So far no dice.

#38 Posted by lamprey263 (26082 posts) -

it's much easier to beat off while playing on my PC

#39 Posted by lostrib (43987 posts) -

Next Gen consoles: they'll probably have good games at some point

#40 Posted by melonfarmerz (1294 posts) -

Consoles: They have some cool exclusives and there isn't any internal/external maintenance. it's much more plug and play than PC.

#41 Edited by indigenous_euphoria (193 posts) -

PC...More power

PS4...Cheaper then xbox one

Xbox exclusives

Wii U...i can't think of any lol

#42 Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) -

Wiiu- It does a great job of collecting dust.

#43 Posted by Seabas989 (11320 posts) -

PC: Convenient and necessary

PS4: Bright future

Xbone: fantasy football

Wii U: backwards compatibility and Nintendo software

PSV: Persona 4 Golden

3DS: greatest $199 purchase ever

#44 Edited by melonfarmerz (1294 posts) -

Xbox One- Forza's fun

PS4- It does a good job at copying Valve (not meant as an insult im serious) It used the Steam sale method as well as is implementing VR soon.

Wii U- The only real console. Doesnt try to be something its not by adding all this Apps/DRM/Paid Online bullshit. The other consoles try to milk consumers for their money through massive ad campaigns and charging for everything. Meanwhile, the Wii U is cheap, is actually, specifically a console, and has worthy exclusives I cant actually play on my PC. If I had a console, I'd probably get one.

#45 Edited by Basinboy (11488 posts) -

I thought highly enough of them that I bought each one

#46 Edited by BattleSpectre (7543 posts) -

They all offer games, I couldn't care less about the media side of things. I have an Xbox One and yet, I don't use any app and I don't watch TV through it either. In fact I've never used my consoles for media services, only for games, so if both sides keep focusing on that I'll be a super duper happy gamer.

Right now I'm enjoying Titanfall, and in a few more days I'll be enjoying Infamous: Second Son. Good times ahead baby!

#47 Edited by shellcase86 (2077 posts) -

Xbox: Healthy emphasis on community.

PS: Healthy investment in non-traditional content.

Nintendo: Healthy focus on gmaeplay experience.

PC: Healthy freedom in directly altering the gaming experience.

#48 Edited by DocSanchez (2602 posts) -

The only console I wouldn't game on is the Wii U, and I've literally nothing nice to say about it. Seen as how I've yet to get an Xbox One I will say it's going to get some handsome games.

#49 Posted by ominous_titan (833 posts) -

Wii U- liked zombiu a lot, good family console

Ps4- has a lot of potential, love new controller

Xbone- love titanfall, the multimedia features are a hit in my house

Pc- performance, strategy sim games

#50 Posted by stuff238 (989 posts) -

PS4: Best games.

Xbone: Plays VHS tapes.

Wii U: It is small.

PC: Free online multiplayer.