Where are you moving.......after the Gamespot disaster..?

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#51 Edited by Ninja-Hippo (23433 posts) -

It's just a change in layout. It reminds me of the instant whining petitions you get whenever facebook changes design, then everyone is fine with it a few weeks later and cant even remember what the old one was like.

The content is the same, it's just a change in appearance. It's buggy as hell, but give it a few weeks at least.

#52 Edited by TheFlush (5558 posts) -

Stop whining, there are just a few bugs that need to be ironed out. Other than that, the new site is better than the old one.

#53 Posted by stev69 (111 posts) -

Ahhh so you are not allowed to dislike anything or point out its obvious deficiencies because thats just whining and has no valid merit, enjoy being spoon fed whatever slop you get told to eat drones. The new site is clearly less user friendly than the old.

#54 Posted by ZEYAAM898 (1921 posts) -

@CptJSparrow said:

it is a carbon-copy of giant bomb

OMG you're right. WTH GS!

#55 Posted by SaintLeonidas (26281 posts) -

Increase sig size (honestly just the size, I don't care if their are no gifs) and this new layout isn't really that bad.

#56 Posted by dominer (3316 posts) -

The new GS is fine, some people just like bitching about change.

#57 Posted by jimkabrhel (15419 posts) -

If you don't like it, then just leave. Don't bitch about it and expect some kind of massive change backwards.

#58 Edited by HyperWarlock (3261 posts) -

It's growing on me, it will take some time to get used to, but like Windows 8, I learned to like it.

#59 Posted by thegerg (15271 posts) -

Nowhere. Quit bitching.

#60 Posted by mattykovax (22693 posts) -

Actually the more I use it on my phone the more I am liking it.

#61 Posted by TAMKFan (32751 posts) -

I'm just going to stay here and see what changes they have in store.

#62 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

i'm willing to wait out some growing pains for a bit. i can't figure out how to lower the number of posts displayed in a thread, there's seemingly no function to pick up where you left off in a thread, it's difficult to find articles, and the site is performing slowly.

maybe some of it is just me needing to acclimate to the new site (perhaps there is an option to displace fewer posts and i just haven't found it yet) and maybe some of it just isn't working right now or will come together later (a "last post you read" button is a very common function in forums and i think its hard to believe that GS has no intentions of having something that does this). however, if there aren't fixes pretty soon, i don't think i'd leave GS altogether but i'd probably post more on other sites and less here.

#63 Edited by foxhound_fox (88426 posts) -

Good riddance.

#64 Edited by Ugalde- (3653 posts) -

Not sure where to go. Anyone have any recommendations for a forum that is just a big OT?

#65 Posted by InEMplease (6335 posts) -

I'll stick with good ol' OT. Once I figured out how to get the dark theme back (I thought that "A" was a link for some other stupid website like twatter), my satisfaction increased ten fold.

#66 Posted by The_Last_Ride (71869 posts) -

@AtariKidX: to be honest i don't like it either

#67 Posted by AK_the_Twilight (285 posts) -

@Kirillius said:

Metacritic is a much more reliable review site nowdays anyway.

I really, really, REALLY hope you're joking by saying that.

#68 Posted by CptJSparrow (10897 posts) -

Looks like they made it so usernames aren't cut off on the left, though they are broken up :P

#69 Posted by Truf89 (4669 posts) -

I'm already on other sites. The changes I hope will, in time, grow on me. A lot of features should be brought back: New posts first, forum boards, etc. It looks nice, cleaner, but feels boring.

#70 Posted by konvikt_17 (22237 posts) -

have been here for more than 5 years. i enjoy the commmunity. i will be staying.

#71 Edited by OmitName (721 posts) -

@mehrdad19872010: i cant say i fussed with fuse at all but the new profiles offer quite alot in the direction of a social thing. that looks alot like a social site page to me.

regarding unions i dont see why those protesting about this cant make the most of the pieces we have to work with.

#72 Posted by Master_Live (14668 posts) -

I see a lot of talking but no suggestion. I need other sites, so start naming them. 3 post in a row are too much? Fvck that shit.

#73 Edited by AndersK (396 posts) -

I am greatly annoyed by this new interface. It reminds me of Windows 8, and the way everything is being completely stripped down, clearly catering to smartphones. Not a bad idea, just extremly annoying when half the features and buttons seem to be missing. I am sure the features are there somewhere, hidden away so Joe Casual Gamer doesnt get confused, while browsing the CoD section on his iPhone.

The thing i am missing the most, is the way "new games" worked on the old site. You could filter genres, and choose the weeks of the year and see releases. Only reason i ever went on gamespot was for that overview of game releases alone, and occasional laugh you could get at systemwars.

#74 Posted by dave123321 (34077 posts) -

Thinking of spending my days at tdh. Or investing in lais corner

#75 Edited by dave123321 (34077 posts) -

The people are the problem. People need to understand this

#76 Posted by GamingTitan (547 posts) -

I only post on two Forums. Here and Gametrailers. A lot more on GT over the years. I have been a member here for like a decade and only have post a couple hundred times. Anyways...i stayed with GT through its horrendous change and i will stay through this change too~

#77 Posted by BranKetra (48634 posts) -

@Kats_RK said:

I'm staying here.

I am, too. There are issues that need addressing, but they will eventually be non-issues.

#78 Posted by t1striker (1549 posts) -

I'm not finding it bad, just slow very slow compared to before. I'm pretty sure this will be fixed soon though.

#79 Edited by Jebus213 (8889 posts) -
@Ninja-Hippo said:

It's just a change in layout. It reminds me of the instant whining petitions you get whenever facebook changes design, then everyone is fine with it a few weeks later and cant even remember what the old one was like.

The content is the same, it's just a change in appearance. It's buggy as hell, but give it a few weeks at least.

This layout is pure garbage.

I hate it when websites stretch it claiming they adjusted for widescreen. Websites aren't games or movies.

That's like typing an essay in 11 x 8.5 instead of 8.5 x 11.

This saved me from getting eye cancer: http://userstyles.org/styles/93915/center-gamespot-forums?r=1381456316

#80 Edited by Transfer_Point (85 posts) -

I am not. In general, I like the new design. Feels more modern and cleaner. Granted, there are some issues and bugs, but there's bound to be with the relaunch of a site.

#81 Posted by DeadManRollin (4134 posts) -

It seems to me that gamespot has gone in to cost saving mode. They cut down on a lot of nice contents and replaced them with ad supported videos. Unfortunately, the site seems to be giving more emphasis on videos than including useful news articles and focusing on user generated content.

I remember, back in 2001, when I was still a student, I wanted to finish my studies, get a job, and get a paid gamespot subscription. That was one of the first things I aspired while being a student.

12 years down the line, now I believe someone needs to pay me for continuing to use this new gamespot. Did they actually take user feedback? Do some beta runs? Do they even know their strengths?

#82 Posted by Transfer_Point (85 posts) -

As far as the unions and UCB go, I am sorry, but GameSpot was right to kill them. Most had been graveyards for years, and the one that were still active, even the most popular unions, were a shell of their former self. Granted, some flak could be placed on GameSpot's feet for lack of promotion or lack of improvements to the unions, but whatever. If anything, I am surprised this did not happen sooner.

With that being said, hopefully GameSpot will fulfill it's promise to transfer some of the more popular unions to the new forums.

#83 Posted by Lotus-Edge (50439 posts) -

@EagleEyedOne said:

It's fine. Calm down.

#84 Posted by gamerguru100 (10629 posts) -

I'm staying here.

#85 Edited by OmitName (721 posts) -

perhaps at least some of the protesting stems forth from reasons other than most people's general disposition of being unsatisfied.

g.s. in firefox. not bad. g.s. in, what i thought was a competent contemporary version of, explorer. hmm.

g.s. main page explorer

#86 Posted by Gaming-Planet (14022 posts) -

I have nowhere to go.

#87 Posted by SolidSnake35 (58109 posts) -

My username looks stupid in this layout.

#88 Posted by sangeethmanayil (304 posts) -

It's much better now. I had lost my love here when I started to see much cooler sites and here, gamespot was still the same old. Was waiting for this change. Now I think I will join back in the crew. I don't think most people will lose their cool at this new look. Its much cleaner and simpler. I love it. Still, GS could've added a lot more new features to better the social interactions.

#89 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25700 posts) -

I'm warming to it. I thought it was all flavours of shit for the first couple of days but improvements have been made already. Bring back quote notifications and proper sigs.

#90 Posted by iampenguin (223 posts) -

No disaster, not leaving, shut up.

#91 Edited by jcopp72 (5336 posts) -

I definatly like the old GS better, this one is slower and why oh why do I have to scroll through 50 messages to post a reply?

To many confusing things on here and after going to the wrong page at a slow rate of speed just adds to the frusturation.

#92 Posted by Michael0134567 (28651 posts) -

I'll still be here, despite how much I hate the layout.

#93 Posted by Sunsha (20644 posts) -

@Gaming-Planet said:

I have nowhere to go.

That's ridiculous there are tons of places to go.

#94 Posted by Serraph105 (28082 posts) -

I've got a house here already, I've got friends and family. I can't just pick up and move away from all that. Nope I think I will plant some flowers out front and put a pool in back instead of moving on to a new forum.

#95 Posted by SteverXIII (3829 posts) -

Yeah, the site feels really jumbled now. Much more time consuming to navigate and everything is so squashed (maybe just for me?)

#96 Posted by iowastate (7873 posts) -


I was referring to the original intent - fuse was not made to become a stand alone site that would last beyond the creation of the new Gamespot.

I had been urging patience all along and am doing the same thing now. I am not accustomed to the new site and while I am not a particular fan of Giant Bomb I do still urge that we don't rush to judgement on the new Gamespot because the site has in effect been simplified.

there are fewer things available now so less that can go wrong and there are likely to be fewer of the dreaded "site upgrades" that were necessary to maintain the outdated and cumberous old GS that we mostly loved because it was what we knew.

Besides it was not and is not the actual site we like and enjoy so much but rather the cameraderie of the community and the great friends we have made.

and this is what makes Gamespot a place that is worth returing to.

#97 Posted by _Colossus_ (1704 posts) -

Meh, visually it's satisfying. They might need to optimize the loading time, but other then that it looks quite nice. Having said that, I kinda miss the index page for each individual platform and the option for changing the background color (I favored black). Still, this is one of the better overhauls I've seen. YouTube and Kotaku isn't in that category unfortunately..

#98 Edited by kweeni (10912 posts) -

Been here for too long to leave this place just like that. I don't like the change but it was bound to happen at some point. It's not that bad anyway, just gotta improve the speed and fix some things here and there. That said I'll miss the old look but I'll get used to this new one, eventually...

#99 Posted by lensflare15 (6181 posts) -

I've been searching for some new forums, in hopes that I could find some gaming forums that are more active. There really seems to be only IGN or Giant Bomb, and I'm already a member of GB. For now I guess I'll just stay here.

#100 Edited by double_decker (145822 posts) -

I'll be sticking around, I have a feeling things will be fine in the long run around here :)