Anyone else have problems finding people w/ streetpass?

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#51 Posted by ArchoNils2 (6277 posts) -

Wow, guess it totaly depends on where you go. I'm from Switzerland, got around 100 on the egames here alone, arond 50 from the JapAniManga. Also there are several 3DSes I meet regulary on the trains I take to go to work. So yeah, I actually get quite a lot passes

#52 Posted by Bigboi500 (31599 posts) -

I've only gotten two or three hits since I bought it about a year ago. But then again, I live in a small town about twenty miles from a large city.

#53 Posted by helwa1988 (2130 posts) -
i think it depends on where you live. im from philly and i get tons of hits. but im currently working in doha,qatar so not than many hits.
#54 Posted by moltenix (2487 posts) -

Here are my Streetpass Tags from bringing my 3DS to school everyday. :D


#55 Posted by Justinps2hero (2194 posts) -
I live in a sleepy village in Cornwall that gets busy in the summer. Don't take mine out too much, but had 30 hits in just under a year.
#56 Posted by TrainerCeleste (1633 posts) -
No one in America seems to use it :P I think I've goten hm 2 hits, taking it to my college every day for 2 weeks. and One of those were my girlfriend :P
#57 Posted by Rod90 (7266 posts) -
How time flies! Hooray for zombie thread. Now I have made exactly 299 streetpass tags.
#58 Posted by OhMandy (46 posts) -

I've had my 3DS for about three months now, I've got 749 streetpasses and my plaza polpulation is 329. That's with one fan convention, a roommate with a 3DS, and a job at a video game store though XP. Typically most chain game stores (EB Games, GameStop) have one available as a demo, you may just have to ask them to turn it on.

#59 Posted by Allicrombie (25580 posts) -
you didnt have to bump a 1 yr old topic.