Any Success with Streetpass yet?

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#51 Posted by Carnage792000 (25 posts) -
You can check out the group "Streetpass in NC foothills" on facebook
#52 Posted by TheeFuzz (157 posts) -

I take mine to school every day I have classes. I get at least 8 tags each day. This number keeps growing each semester. Looking forward to when monster hunter comes out because my area is mostly monster hunter fanatics.

#53 Posted by benleslie5 (8073 posts) -

Best places would be large events like Gaming events or Anime conventions. After I first bought my 3DS took it with me during the weekend where I went to an Anime Convention back in June and I got around 50 Streetpasses in 1 day.

And every time I meet up with my friends I at least get streetpasses at least 2-4 times a day

#54 Posted by MarioFan264 (790 posts) -

I thought college (university, I should say, I make the distinction because I originally went to a community college) would bring me lots of StreetPasses but it hardly has. Most days I don't get any. Sometimes I get one or two. That's it. I guess people in my state just don't care for the 3DS. Either that or we just didn't SP due to the inefficiences of the system. I've seen people with 3DS's but it never StreetPassed them.

#55 Posted by free_milk (3903 posts) -

I got 1 street pass hit.When I went to stratford during the olympics the guy was german.

#56 Posted by louisfoxton (1400 posts) -

My First 2 weeks of have my 3ds i got 9 Tags

#57 Posted by manicfoot (2637 posts) -

The other day I got 5 unique hits, which is a record for me. Other than that, I've met the odd random person here and there.

#58 Posted by BigBen11111 (1528 posts) -

Ever since I got my 3DS at launch, I finally got 6 StreetPass Tags. I mostly went to McDonalds, the Zoo, & ocasionally to Wal-Mart & GameStop, once at It's All About Games. I rarely get any StreetPass Tags...

#59 Posted by Userfrigginname (25 posts) -

Only time I get streetpasses is when I go to Gamestop and Wal-Mart and even then, I don't that many. I agree that it's a pretty useless feature unless you live in a big city or something.

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