What console will you be purchasing?

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#1 Posted by dan0314 (905 posts) -

Xbox 720, PS4 or Wii U? I'm still debating on if I should get the Wii U or 720. Leaning towards the 720 though. What about you? :)

#2 Posted by BlendThree (119 posts) -
Suppose it depends on final specs and price- but a PS4 more than likely until the first the major price drop then the 720 will likely join the stable.
#3 Posted by MirkoS77 (7803 posts) -
Whichever runs the games I want to play.
#4 Posted by dragonps (1667 posts) -
Whichever runs the games I want to play. MirkoS77
Yep pretty much my thinking on the whole thing :)
#5 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

I'll get a PS4 - eventually. Once there are enough games I really want to play that I'm willing to spend several hundred bucks on a new console, then I'll get one. It's up to the publishing industry if that time comes soon or several years after launch.

#6 Posted by Zen_Light (1338 posts) -

Wii U.

#7 Posted by Archangel3371 (15844 posts) -
Just like this gen I'll get all three. PS4 and Wii U for their exclusives and the Xbox 720 for everything else.
#8 Posted by Twin-Blade (6795 posts) -

Probably the 720. I own all three current consoles now and with my studies I barely get to play. The only console game I really play is FIFA and I've had a better experience playing FIFA games on the 360 than the PS3. If some Shin Megami Tensei games show up on some of the consoles, I might change my mind. But regardless, I'll be buying the 720 for sure.

#10 Posted by homegirl2180 (7161 posts) -

WiiU almost certainly. The other two, I imagine I'll buy one, but it really depends on what games they have, but I won't buy either at launch unless they have some exclusive must-have.

#11 Posted by famicommander (8524 posts) -
Never buying another Microsoft or Sony console. I hate what those two companies have done to gaming this generation. It's going to be a PC/WiiU/3DS/Vita generation for me (got Vita used to avoid supporting Sony). XBL fees, online pass, PSN hack, taking away my Linux, Microsoft's treatment of Rare, their DLC policies, Lik Sang, ads on my dashboard, tons of firmware updates, and first party games that don't bother with gameplay... Games aren't about fun with those two companies, they're about seeing how many things we used to get free modern gamers are dumb enough to pay for and making vaguely interactive movies that regard the player as an inconvenience.
#12 Posted by Amster_G (4290 posts) -

Well, as no details of the next generation consoles exist, none. Kind of a silly question...

#13 Posted by istreakforfood (7781 posts) -
I'm not sure whether I'll get the next ps or xbox since we don't know anything about it so far. Have no interest on getting the WiiU with what is known to the public, also not a big fan of their first party games.
#14 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -

Wii U,but i'll be abit jealous of XBOX720 & PS4.

#15 Posted by Shame-usBlackley (18266 posts) -

Assuming software parity and first-party content remains constant -- a PS4. I refuse to support Microsoft's attempt to lure in the drooler crowd at my expense. I want exclusive games and conventional controls, and there's only one system left that offers that. Keep in mind -- I am certainly no fan of Sony's; it's just that they are the last company that really seems geared towards people who like games in their current form and don't feel the need to shlt them up with busted controls or other gimmicks. Nintendo is crap, has been crap, and will continue to be crap. They are a washed-up company that tries to rely on duping the gaming public into thinking that there is something wrong with the way we play games and the reasons we play them, so they release trash that plays fewer genres well, infecting me-too posers like Microsoft into following along -- bumbling after a dangling waggle-carrot that doesn't even exist, like the braying donkeys they are.

#16 Posted by Vari3ty (11111 posts) -

Based on the current trends, the PS4. I have absolutely no interest in the Wii-U as Nintendo looks like they will fail once again to get much third party support, and Microsoft (if they continue down the route they are on) will make the 720 all about Kinect, which I absolutely despise (and having to pay for online multiplayer and seeing adverts all over the place on the 360 are other negatives). That leaves me with Sony. I hate the Dualshock controller and it's outdated design, but I probably will have to put up with it as the 720 will most likely be out of the question for me.

#17 Posted by Pinman_DS9 (468 posts) -

I'll probably be getting a PS4 and a 720 as they're likely to be the only game in town. Nintendos best days are long since gone and small screen gaming just doesn't appeal to me. I used to game on my PC but the kinds of games I like these days are completely console-centric/exclusive. I too lament what sony and microsoft have done to gaming this generation and can't rule out going in another direction. At least then famicommander (a few posts ago) can have some company in his bunker ;)

#18 Posted by GamerwillzPS (8530 posts) -

The PS4 will be the only one I'm purchasing. I really dislike the way Xbox is heading with all the Kinect crap. Never been interested in Nintendo.

#19 Posted by Bigboi500 (30328 posts) -

For sure Wii U, maybe a PS4, and definitely not a 720.

#20 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

well, we only have information on the wii u so far. ill probably buy it at some point because nintendo makes great games, but i dont know the when part yet. that will depend on price, third party support, and specifically their online store. ill be quicker to pick one up if i have something to play in between nintendo games and talks of last generation ports with batarang steering arent too enticing. hopefully some smaller games released digitally will help but nintendo has a bad history with original ones.

as for getting a ps4 or a nextbox, its hard to do anything but make guesses based on current trends. sony does a good job investing in developers of all sizes. sometimes the result is completely off base like with the "cinematic" panderings of quantic dream and naughty dog, but we also get a lot of truly great games out of it too. microsoft buys games a milks them more than it encourages creative development. they seem to think of their output more as software than video games. i know which one im more interested in.

#21 Posted by SoNin360 (5569 posts) -
The PS4 is practically a definite purchase for me, though it more than likely won't be right when it releases. I'm curious as to what the price is going to be. I'll probably have to start setting aside extra money just to be able to purchase it. The Wii U doesn't interest me all that much, even though I have a Wii. I may eventually get it if I have the money, but that'll probably be if/when a Mario Kart game comes out for it. Very unlikely that I will get the next Xbox, mostly because I've never owned any of the Xboxes, so unless something crazy persuades me to get one, or I get rich for some reason, I won't be buying one.
#22 Posted by svaubel (2533 posts) -

Wii U.

Im glad that they are not in league with the publishers of trying to take away all my rights as a consumer. Plus they dont have Online Pass or Season Pass bullcrap.

#24 Posted by Heirren (17793 posts) -
Wiiu. I'm tired of Xbox live, psn, and dlc.
#25 Posted by ddlcpc (859 posts) -

PC and PS4

#26 Posted by gameguy6700 (12197 posts) -
If the rumors are true about the PS4 and X720 being roughly the same power as the current consoles but just with 1080p and a lot more social features, I probably won't buy either. I'll just probably end up going with PC as my only current gen platform, especially seeing as how this gen I've pretty much been playing on my PC almost exclusively despite having both a PS3 and X360.
#27 Posted by 5UPERMARIO (1201 posts) -

Playstation 4 for sure! :)

#28 Posted by BlackDevil99 (2329 posts) -

Well seeing as we know next to nothing about 2 of them, can anyone really say?

All I know for certain is that I'm passing on the WiiU

#32 Posted by roulettethedog (10993 posts) -

Depends on the games, but I'll more then likely skip the Wii U.

#33 Posted by Pikminmaniac (9110 posts) -

It'll probably be like every gen. I buy Nintendo's Console for their 1st party and usually Sony's console for 3rd party. Hasn't failed me before.

#34 Posted by LJChronx (949 posts) -

Wii U for sure. But Im broke right now, so I will probably wait until a few months after its release. I need the Nintendo console at the very least for their first party games. After that I will probably (hopefully) only buy one of the other two. I had all 3 this past generation, but barely played my PS3, because I liked Xbox live alot better than PSN (Yeah I know they charge for it but it functions so much better than PSN). Plus I hate the PS controller and love the Xbox controller.

#35 Posted by coasterguy65 (6081 posts) -

Depends on the price and the games that are available for the consoles next gen. I'll probably just end up going back to PC gaming full time. Unless one of the consoles really interest me. I doubt I will be getting all 3 consoles next generation like I did this generation.

#36 Posted by Zeviander (9503 posts) -
I'm getting a Halo 4 LE 360 in November to replace my aged Fat 20GB Pro. Wii U will probably be Christmas 2013. Nextbox, if not a Kinextbox, maybe Christmas 2014, depending on what platform Halo 5 releases on. And I'm going to try and get a proper PC in there somewhere. Maybe Summer 2013.
#37 Posted by lensflare15 (6182 posts) -

Not sure. If the gen is similar to this one, most likely the PS4. I might just stick to handhelds/older consoles though.

#38 Posted by metaldeth (99 posts) -

Probably all three. I'm going to wait awhile on the next Xbox though. Definately don't want to go through the RROD, E 74 and disc read errors every few months like I did this gen.

#39 Posted by Alter_Echo (10722 posts) -

There is at least one franchise I can't stand missing on every system so I'll get them all at some point. For example, I'll get a Wii U but not until either a good Zelda game or Mario game or both have been released.

Of the 3 system a PS4 is probably the only one I would just buy outright without there being software I wanted to play already released. The other two will require certain games be already on the market.

#40 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -

Xbox 720 but i'm not getting it right away i'm going to wait for a price drop and i'll be supporting my 360 in the meantime.

#41 Posted by Namgis (3591 posts) -

My only plans for next gen gaming is to buy when the console gets a nice price cut around the release of the following gen. Sony is where I'm staying. They got the most games that I want to play. So much so that I can easily see myself with enough entertainment to satiate my appetite to even skip next gen. MS and Ninty exclusives have lost their luster for me lately. There have been few and far between for me to justify owning all 3 consoles again. Will be the first gen I'm riding solo with a console.

#42 Posted by BatCrazedJoker (1978 posts) -
I am waiting for all of the systems to be out for atleast a year.
#43 Posted by chucholucho (665 posts) -

I´ll stick with my PS3 for a while.

Might be getting a 3DS too!

#44 Posted by ZombieKiller7 (6255 posts) -

Right now leaning towards PS4.

#45 Posted by sukraj (23243 posts) -

I am waiting for all of the systems to be out for atleast a year. BatCrazedJoker

me too

#46 Posted by VERTIGO47 (6285 posts) -

Depends on the games, exclusives and price. I'm currently a PS3/360 gamer, so it depends what Sony and MS are doing.

I'll very likley end up just owning ONE console next gen, because right now, I've learned owning more than 1 console is simply overwhelming, and I have a backlog of games to catch up this gen.

It's really a toss up between PS4 or NextBox, really.

#47 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -
ps4 is a given... i know what to expect from that..and i have always been happy with a playstation console... 720 no interest whatsoever... my 360 gets no use.. wii u... eventually when some decent games get shown on it... or smash bros gets released...1 of the 2
#48 Posted by homeboylizard (1289 posts) -

The NextBox! Just because it has some games I can't play on PS 4. But my PC will be my main platform.

#49 Posted by SciFiCat (1750 posts) -
None until I have some solid information on system specs, which games to expect and what kind of policies for online connectivity will these consoles have.
#50 Posted by Garfield360UK (19844 posts) -
Not sure, depends on pricing, what the hardware entails, and what games are on offer. If the rumours of Xbox 3 being like the Wii U with a screen on the controller and having a bigger focus on Kinect, I may skip that one. However, if Microsoft essentially make a more powerful Xbox 360, bigger hard disk and more multimedia functions (such as a Blu Ray drive, PVR as Michael Pachter keeps eluding to) and has the games then I will probably go with that as its my main console this generation. However, if Sony can pull something good out of the bag with the PS4 (such as having more online functionality, continue to include the Blu Ray drive, and reduce the ammount of SKU's thus I do not feel like a fool for buying one model then one with a larger hard disk coming out a few weeks later) I may go with that. It really does depend on the hardware and software and what price. I may not do like I did this cycle with buying a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as I really do not feel both get used enough to justify having both (I love Uncharted and I really enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 4, but a lot of the other games on Playstation that I enjoy are not exclusive to it, plus I am from the UK and Sony seems to have some issues getting content to the EU PSN store in a timely manor which is frustrating, especially when I was willing to pay for Closure and now it is coming to Steam before PSN Europe so I will just get it on Steam instead now given how long it has been on NA PSN). However, I am willing to give the Playstation another go if Microsoft keep shutting down their studios and pushing more towards Kinect as I do not like the technology (I have the Kinect but feel like the level of control I would want is just not there from the camera, however if they were to improve on that or offer a Move like device I would see that working better, however I am a fan of traditional controls in either a gamepad or keyboard and mouse). But all of this could change, if I get a decent PC rig together I may skip the next console cycle unless Fifa gets nerfed on PC again like it did when the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out, but the PC version was still using the PS2 engine.