Shame Pile Challenge - 2014 Edition

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Welcome to the 2014 Shame Pile Challenge.

The Shame Pile Challenge is a forum game where we monitor how many games we acquire and complete each month. The goal of this is to reduce the number of unfinished games to a more reasonable level. What is reasonable? When is a game finished? Well that's up to you really. Whilst there is a leader board the challenge is to achieve our own goals; not to compete with each other.

Sound interesting? Well read on to see the basic rules


  1. ]To enter post your initial game count and target. E.g. I have 40 unfinished games right now and I'd like this to be 10 by the end of the year
  2. At the end of each month post how many games you acquired and how many you completed. E.g. In January I completed 3 games but purchased 4
  3. Game completion is subjective. i.e. A game is considered "complete" when you think it is. This could be 100% of achievements, completion of SP story or just playing it long enough to feel you've got your money's worth. It's up to you.

That's really all there is to it. I'll maintain a leader board in this initial post and it'd be cool if, when posting monthly results, you posted which games you completed/acquired so we can discuss and encourage each other... or discourage if you prefer :)

Personally I use a spreadsheet to maintain my list and mark off games as I complete them. I've saved a copy here as a template so feel free to grab a copy and use it. Pretty self explanatory but I'll put some instructions in the spoiler and I left some sample data in there to help you figure it out.

Download 2014 Shame Pile Challenge Spreadsheet (MS Excel 2007)

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Spreadsheet Instructions

Couldn't upload the images for some reason so here're the links

1. Replace the data in columns C and D with your own games. Ensure column B has a -1 and E has a U for each game you enter. Colour coding the system is optional but I find it useful. Reference - Red circled area in image above

2. Once complete the total number of games you have should be displayed at the top under the word Start. Reference - Blue circled area in image above

3. If you wish to sort just highlight all entered data in columns B, C, D and E from row 9 down, right click and choose "Sort Data - Custom Sort". The following should automatically come up so just click OK to sort. This sorts the content alphabetically by system and places any finished games at the base of the list (see next step for details)

4. When you complete a game simply add it's name under the appropriate month with a positive number 1 as shown in the area circled green above. This will automatically update the totals shown in the yellow circled area. When completing a game I also recommend changing the letter in column E to read F. This will grey out the row and, if resorted, place it at the bottom of your list.

5. If you acquire a new game simply add it's name under the appropriate month with a negative number 1 as shown in the area circled green above. This will automatically update the totals shown in the yellow circled area. When adding a game I also recommend adding it to the master list on the left. To do this repeat step 1 for the new game but enter the value 0 in the far left instead of -1. This isn't overly important but allows the spreadsheet to display your original count and your new count.

That's about it. Pretty simple but it can seem complex when I have to write it out

If keen you can also go to the second tab and see some breakdown data regarding your pile and progress. If you find it's not showing what you want send me a PM or email ( and I'll help sort it out.

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I have 75 games on my to be played list.

I would like to complete 40 by years end.


It would be my biggest year gaming if completed. Don't know if it's doable, but it's a goal worth striving for. Off I go.

Cheers. Happy New Years.

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Just start with all the mobile games :) Did you want me to add you to the leaderboard? i.e. wiull you post each month your completion/acquisition?

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Sure. I'll keep updated lists. It's one of my resolutions for the new year, game more. This will add extra motivation, hopefully. Sadly no mobile titles on the list. Got some doozy time sink games in there though, dreading those ones. Might save them for last.

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Lol. I have a few like that. I generally try to run them alongside the shorter ones so I keep myself motivated. I know gaming's not meant to be about "knocking them off the list" but it is nice to see the pile grow smaller whilst still playing "Tales of XXXXX" titles :)

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In other news here's my starter list if interested

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Here's my starting list. 41 games.

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2 down 48 to go. Had a blast with TLoU and Sly 4. I was worried that a Sucker Punch-less Sly would stumble, but it is my favorite of the series. Sanzaru Games did a wonderful job. ND made an instant classic with TLoU, I can see myself playing it several times in the future.


I've added my list to a previous post and altered my goal. Cheers.

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Wow. I'd steered well clear of Sly 4 after hating #3 with a passion.... maybe it's time to revisit the series. Of course that goes completely against the whole point of the shame pile challenge but... oh well.

Actually I just bought Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons as well so that's cancelled out me finished Forza Horizon :(

Also, if interested, this challenge is posted on another site as well. If you want to see the other half of the discussion check out

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Max Payne 3 and Conan are amazingly fun games :) With Conan make sure you try out all the weapon variations. They mix quite well and are loads of fun. Use achievements as a guide if you're unsure as they have "kill X number of people with this weapon" sort of thing

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Dude, I just watched walkthroughs on youtube to see what happens and stopped buying new games on Steam cause I knew I would never finish them.

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Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose?

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i can't use that program :(

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@The_Last_Ride said:

i can't use that program :(

MS Excel for the template? You don't need to use it. Was just something to help if you wanted it :)

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Just wrapped up Rayman Legends. Great game. That's 3 down, 47 to go.

Up next is Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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@Chickan_117 said:

@The_Last_Ride said:

i can't use that program :(

MS Excel for the template? You don't need to use it. Was just something to help if you wanted it :)

I post my backlog each month on my blog, and it's huge :P

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Completed Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The best Lego game to date. Can't wait to get back into the game to track down every collectable. Up next, Arkham Origins.

4 down 46 to go.

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Been keen to play that. Just waiting for a price drop :)

Slow start to the year for me

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It's been really slow for me aswell

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Been able to knock off 4 more since my last update. That's 8 down, 42 to go.


Star Trek - Eh. Not bad not good.

DMC - A complete blast. My first time with the series.

Lost Planet 3 - I had a decent time with it. Too many filler missions, but good none the less.

MGR: Revengeance - Loved it. Can see myself spending dozens upon dozens of hours with it in the future.


I'm an hour into Max Payne 3. It's peaked my interest, hope it can hold it all the way through.

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Had a good March. Link in my sig is evidence of that.