Trying to read user reviews redirects to the same page.

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Well, the title says it all. The one time outside of E3 I visit here the site is bugged as hell ;p.

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Confirmed - cannot view individual reviews, and keep getting taken back to the generic listing page.

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Same here. Tried accessing user reviews on the phone, tablet, and laptop. The links appear correct (different for each specific user review) but all of them simply reload the page I was already on. I don't write lots of reviews, but if people can only see the first 32 words of each, there's little point in writing another.

Edit: This forum claimed my post was "Edited" after posting my initial reply! NOW it has been edited - which was a glitchy process. Also, I just noticed there's no way to preview a game review before submitting it. What in Dalmatian has happened to this site lately? This used to be the go-to place for game reviews. Now it's awful.

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I can say that it literally started yesterday between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. I was about to reread my review for Ruff Trigger because I think it's really funny and ended up redirected to the same page, then when I decided to check other reviews, I couldn't read anyone elses review either. The only one I could read were the Gamespot official reviews.

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Yep - me too. Even my review Arms Forces Corp suddenly disappeared yet I can see it in my list of reviews.

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Me too - can't read reviews and that's one of the main reasons to be here so....

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When this buggy website will finally be fixed .?

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Having the same problem. Would like to be able to read inFamous: Second Son reviews, but can't (including my own).

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I'm having the same problem. Wanted to read some of my user reviews, but keeps redirecting me to the main listing of reviews for a particular game. Annoying as hell.

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Same here :(

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Yikes, sorry about that guys. Reported!

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@DigitalDame: Thanks for that.

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@DigitalDame: Yes, thank you. Just as an FYI, still occurring as of 3pm CST on Thurs Mar. 27th. Have tried the obvious things like clearing history, cache, etc. and trying another browser, logging out, logging back in, etc

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This has been broken for weeks for me. Why did they have to change this site to make it much slower, and break everything?!

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Also confirmed: I'm experiencing the same problems. Whenever I try to re-read any of my uploaded reviews, or read the reviews of other gamers on the site users, I get re-directed back to the main page for the game in question.

Anyone know when this problem will be fixed?

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yep joining the queue, it is not possible to view either reviews or ratings, so it is also not possible to edit or delete any of them

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WTF? Why in the world is it taking so long for you guys to fix this?

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I can't even read my OWN review. WHAT THE HELL? When are we going to revert to the original Gamespot that worked so well for years? Why did we have to change to this terrible visual labyrinth of nonsense?

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Do we have a time frame on this as it's still not fixed.

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This should be resolved now.

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@stylyy: Thanks - it's actually better as when I click on the main title name, it goes directly to the user review. Thanks again :)

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@stylyy: All good - ta muchly.

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Sadly it broke again...

Just click on my review (it's the only one) and it redirects you back therefore cannot read the review.

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It broke again. I started a new topic, by the way.

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@stylyy: It is broken , once again .

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It seems to have been fixed, for now.

(By the way, testing embedding of picture with silly long URL of many text characters. ;P )