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    This has been broken for weeks for me. Why did they have to change this site to make it much slower, and break everything?!

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  • DrDobalina wrote a review of inFamous: Second Son.
    User Rating 3
    Great looking game, but bugged

    This will be a pretty short review. I've been looking forward to a game that pushes the hardware on the PS4, and ISS certainly delivers. The graphics are well rendered, action is fast and smooth and ...

  • DrDobalina wrote a review of Resogun.
    User Rating 10
    Great oldschool mindless shooter!

    I'm a big fan of old school shoot-em-ups and this is a great, fast action and incredibly good looking game. The screen is a constant particle explosion as you just blow s*** up all the time.Apparently...

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  • DrDobalina wrote a review of SimCity (Limited Edition).
    User Rating 1
    Tragically Flawed

    This could have been so good, and it's obvious that there is a great game hidden under the layers of DRM, online-requirement, in-game ads, and Origin. It's a real shame.I enjoy simulation games, stil...

  • DrDobalina rated SimCity a score of 1.
  • DrDobalina wrote a review of The Stanley Parable.
    User Rating 1
    Dull dull dull

    I bought this on a whim from Steam, after being intrigued by the demo video. What a complete waste of money! There's almost nothing to the game - you can walk about (can't jump, climb, or do anything...