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    ArchAge (it sure is)

    So, I've been trying out this MMORPG - as I usually do with new stuff. This time I made the choice of not buying any founder package; I simply just waited for the official open Beta starting 16th Sept...

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    Is GAMESPOT dying?

    Sure feels like it... Bugs been around for many months without correction. Very difficult to navige the page. It feels like an annoying labyrinth... Very-very sad. I remember the times when I came her...

  • GattsTaichou posted a message in the forum topic Trying to read user reviews redirects to the same page.. on the Bug Reporting & Feedback board

    I can't even read my OWN review. WHAT THE HELL? When are we going to revert to the original Gamespot that worked so well for years? Why did we have to change to this terrible visual labyrinth of nons...

  • GattsTaichou wrote a review of The Elder Scrolls Online.
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    Slight disapointment...

    Why BETA-test something and provide counteless feedbacks AND fill out ESO Survey if nothing really changes? I am starting to doubt these surveys and beta tests to be totally frank with you.I got the I...

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