I must talk about this.. remembering of this game now is funny, sad and happy at the same time.

User Rating: 9 | Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty PC

I was reading today about Company of Heroes and if I should get it or not, and ended up remebering of this game, but i have forgoten its name, thought I know it was/have Call of Duty but not really the Call of Duty game. Then to discover the name I just googled about germans and throw cigarrets and rocks (one of my most fresh reminding of the game) and found it. I also found that there is others Commandos games that I didnt know of, 3 more I think.

I dont really recall how I´ve got this game, but I remember that it stood for a long period on my computer before I really star playing; I was younger and not very experienced into PC gaming, so you can´t imagine how I suffered, true. This game was incredibly hard even in the first moves of the first mission. You beggin in a boat (I think it didint have tutorials) with your crew and if you dont select the marine guy you can´t even move, and thats the first thing you have to do. I took a while to discover it, i never had much mood for this game since I didnt find the first time, but i keeped opening it sometimes to found out when i had nothing to do. When I found out, hot to get do a dock and out of the boat was when I really started playing this game. But before getting to the dock there was a dificult path till there where I had to use the Snipe, and also discovered that I coulndt weast much shoots, in fact I coulnt weast any shot at all, it would ruin the mission and fustrait you in key parts where you would need it more.

Im kind of happy now, that I see that I wasnt that stupid and the game trully is a bit difficult, becouse I didint get easy times(though it insent a impossible game, hard but not very hard) and Its funny how I can so remember of this game but not much of others, it sure was becouse of the difficult level for me at that time plus the natural difficult level of the game (very). It will get worse later. When in the dock I learned about the rocks and cigarrets and i liked that, it was just silly and funny. After that getting very into the game I played non stop. The impressive of this game (goods) its the dificulty itself, the amazing elaboreted scenarios, and the freedom. Freedom becouse you can finish off a scenario in much ways, you can alert all the guys and shoot them all or play sneak, and weapons (the mainlly ones) dont need ammunition, giving even more freedom. I recall that you have do always been saving you game, ALWAYS, there are tons of guys but the game is hard, and every guy you took out with sneak you should save, or after ever buch of people killed. I say bunch becouse of another aspect of the game that was when you could stay besid something, shoot at the ground and take advantage of the bird view and begin killing the lines of germans that will come to you, even tought you had to save in the meanwhile killing the bunch becouse they act diferent and you are dead with few shoots, so when the bunch comes, in the intervals in the line of they coming (If you lucky go some) you save. Thats the only way to easy this game. By this method, that I used very often, the game still was very difficult , I havent finished it, I got till the last mission (I have something with not finishing things) and I got bored at the end.

The game was very remarkable for me. Was in a time I didint read other peoples comments, believe me, it in most times isent a good thing; so I just played it accpeting what it was offering, and the difficult is was ofering, thinking all of that has normal, since I didnt got the knowledge. Was a very good and remarkable game, I never regret of playing it, was such an experince. I also remember the Zoo Park mission, with some animal killed and other for you to kill becouse they atack you(Other than that i wasnt going to kill them), I loved that mission, and in this mission there is one thing that I recall most in the game just like rocks and cigarrets that was when I discovered that I could get inside an dead Elephant to avoid the guards and that for me was very intriguing and nostalgic , since all the mission before getting there I was amused by the dead elephant, I still know exacly how that mission was and where was the elephant.

The most difficult mission I finished (since I havent played the last) was that one before the last (english not my main, dont know how to say) and there was a guy who get away with a car I think, we should stop the car, there was very fustraiting thing arround that mission. To finish it is a great game becouse of its difficult and becouse I didnt by the time I played that could be a foult, in fact it isent a foult really, but if I had read these reviews I sure wasnt going to play the game. Is a stilysh graphic game with beautifull scenarios, and difficult enough to make it remarkable for you if you get to play it long. Its even good to play it with a friend if you have, becouse it is ideas and patience that get you througth the game, and I think maybe sadly by reading reviews you cant enjoy some games, and this might be one of them, becouse you see it has a foult and keep dont wanting to go on. The foult I could notice by that time was maybe, that the game used to have too many (really is a lot) of enemies, and the game stood to much into using this , the arent more specialized AI ennimies, I cant remember that, just same guys, where the amount of them keept you doing sometimes the same thing over, killing one and saving etc. but yes it is a good game for the ones who like challenge and freedom to solve it, is like Desperados another good game, that wasnt really reasy (im going to read about it now^^) and also gived you freedom, and oh, horses^^. Thanks for reading