This add-on is awesome, more of the same Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines but with few excellent innovations.

User Rating: 9.9 | Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty PC
I think the gamespot's reviewer was just disappointed with the game's difficulty level. I can't see other reason why to give a mediocre score to a brilliant game.
Every aspect of this add-on is perfect - gameplay, atmosphere, graphics, level design etc.
I agree that the difficulty level is rather high, but why do you think we have these grey organs in our heads? The gamespot's reviewer says in the first mission you must save a sniper shot to blow up the mines, but THIS IS NOT TRUTH! You don't need to save any shots, just use the diver - get close to the mines with the boat, then dive in the water and pull the boat to the mines by diving the diver to the boat repeatedly. Then pull the boat to the shore and take it, furher you now what to do.
This game is must have for all gamers, who not refuse to use their brain. To me, Commandos 1& this add-on are one of the top 20 games ever made.