A brill add on.

User Rating: 9.8 | Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty PC
Using skill and firepower, you must destroy the nazis plans for domination.
With several men (plus one woman) from a spy to a green beret, you must infiltrate and take over various outposts around the world.
The music is a great start, bringing you right into the game. It has that feel and atmosphere to it, the sort that makes you think...wow!
The graphics, although fuzzy when zoomed right in, are excellent, and surpass a lot of games. They are detailed, accurate, and, above all, reak of WWII.
The gameplay is magnificent. You really have that feel of looking down on everything and saying, well you do this and you do that, and what do you know, they do it! Several things in the game lead to success or failure, and its through your actions that people live or die.
This game is definately worth it, it has great looks, a great feel and it has that war soaked feel to it.
Buy it if you love war or action games.