World Racing 2 - its a nice relxing Racer Game with good grafic! I like it!

User Rating: 8.5 | World Racing 2 PC
I like this game. But where is the Golf R32 which was announced? Is it possible to download it separately somewhere? I wish a neer Version 3 will come up with more tracks, cars, and so on!

Normally I play Car Race games with medium solution only to increase the game speed, to have a getter and faster feeling in steering and so on.
Increasing to a maximum is not possible for me because of the CPU Speed I have (2,4GHz). When I compare other games to World Racing2, I can play with more details the WR2 game to reach the same result than with other similar games. So a pure plus for World Racing 2!

The newer PS3 race games are much nicer from the graphics view, but PC games needs a lot of PC performance to do the same and I can't / won't buy a new faster PC every 2 years ;)

Conclusion: WR2 is a good and funny Racer Game as it is.
But Im looking forward to see a new version of WR soon!