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World Racing 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Money codes

    Enter the following codes as your name when creating a new profile.

    Effect Effect
    Visa Get 1,000 money
    MASTERCARD Get 10,000 money
    EC Get 100 money
    AmEx Get 100,000 money

    Contributed by: Evilbone97 

World Racing 2 Cheats For Xbox

  1. Money Cheats

    Enter any of these names when you create a new profile and you will have Speedbucks in the bank to buy cars and tracks. You can change the profile name later and still retain any cars or tracks and Speedbucks.

    Effect Effect
    Visa 1,000 Speedbucks
    MASTERCARD 10,000 Speedbucks
    EC 100 Speedbucks
    AmEx 100,000 Speedbucks

    Contributed by: pool of jello