This game has so much in it, yet offers so little...

User Rating: 6.6 | World Racing 2 PC
WR2 would be an amazing game, if everything that's in it would have been used.

What do i mean?

Look, they have really big locations modelled. Yet, most of the stuff 'on the track' like bushes, trees, plants, whatever, doesn't even AFFECT the car handling. So when you think, well, let's take a 4x4 and have a tour... you will be bored in one sec, it's like, you are driving on asphalt all the time. And, yet so many cars, and so promising enviroment, the cars handle crap. What a pity you can choose between 'arcade' and 'simulation' mode in free race, but you can't in career - it's just arcade.

Graphic-wise this game is fine, nothing special, water looks freaky, but for example the grass looks brilliant. I also love how you can 'make paths' in the grass, once you drive on grass, it will be pummeled on the ground.

One thing that's annoying that WR1 had dashboard view, this one doesnt...
at least there's still damage.

So what else? Music.. its annoying. Sounds? Average. Gameplay? Random. Sometimes you race, the other time it1s just time trial, or pathfinder wtih a 4x4 which COULD be fun, but why it is not, i explained it in the beginning.

Overally,i was excepting more, since the 1st WR was great.