WOT Gold Scam

User Rating: 5 | World of Tanks PC
I wanted to advance faster in the game so i read the "Benefits of Gold Guide" which tells you why you should spend cash on the in game currency Gold. The guide says you need gold to buy a premuim account and is the only way to buy a premuim tank. I purchased $100 dollars worth of game cards and bought 25000 gold. First thing I bought was a 6 month membership and then I tried to buy the premuim tank Type59 but couldnt. I contacted customer support and they said they would check out the problem. Support contacted me back saying they confirmed my 6 month purchase and that I still had $50 worth of gold in my account but I couldnt buy the premuim tank because it was in the in game Gift Shop and you cant use gold there. I told them i followed there Benifits of Gold Guide that said you can only buy a premuim tank with gold, nowhere did it say unless its in the Gift Shop. The guide doesnt say there are any restrictions on gold after you buy it. Well all they say is sorry for the confusion but they wont give me the premuim tank unless I give them another $35 dollars even tho I still have $50 in my account. HOW am I confused? I followed the Game Guide! This is a underhanded way for WARGAMING to scam more money from there customers.