If you are looking for a tank game that fails to deliver on the hype? Then this is the tank game for you.

User Rating: 1 | World of Tanks PC

They do not care about any feedback from the player base even if it is well thought out. Often a good post in the Gameplay discussion section of the forum will fall to the side unnoticed or ignored by them. Feedback is not even taken seriously on the test server which is supposed to help iron out tanks for the live server. Instead it is just an area where the free gold is spammed like water in the form of gold shells.

An example of this would be the latest artillery put into the game the -Bat Chatillon 155-. It was noted on the test server that the auto loader combined with it's high damage, speed, and accuracy would allow it to single-handedly take out most high tier tanks with ease. Yet, nothing was done to balance the issues before the patch went live.

The lead developer also has a huge racist curb against German's and has even been known to flick off his own fans. This was noted when he took out the Wittman's medal in the game and said I quote -They killed my people in the past.- as the reason for doing so. I note this in a nicer phrase then was done. During a youtube video of him taking questions from fans he flicked off the player base acting as if their opinions did not matter. This picture is still widely circulated on the forums.

Forum Mods:

The forum mods will spend more time trying to defend their friends with over zealous vigor then any game forum you've been on in years. You will get account bans in the game or forum for speaking against them at all. While many of these bans are temporary they still cost you paid for in cash premium time, to miss clan wars battles, and other related things. This can often be witnessed by watching a forum profile after a moderator takes action against someone who posted a different opinion then one of their friends.
They will also allow pretty much any rampant wrong to go on for ages until you say -anything- negative about the developers. Then they go into a hard KGB mode against you. Not joking on the implied either. You can even say something negative in a civil manor and still face this happening to you. Many mods who have left the system have stated they are encouraged to do this. Names will be left out for the sake of their accounts that are still active.


There are a great many bugs left over from the beta. Shells that leave your gun but disappear instantly, shells that sometimes pass through tanks, getting stuck in the terrain, MM issues with arty, stuff like that. Then they make new bugs like making the game crash every 3-4 games as well as when you tab out 'n' back in. Then they deny responsibility for it and blame the video card developers. You can see the posts for many of these issues under the gameplay discussion section of the forums.

You can also see them blaming the video card developers in their last video speaking of the new medium tanks. Instead of taking responsibility for it after the last patch. This was said by Serb during the video.

Power Creeping:

They nearly always make a few of the new tanks OP beyond words on purpose to encourage people to buy gold to get them. Only to nerf them a few weeks later into the ground after the purchase rate goes down. Nearly every older tank in the game becomes useless when compared to the newer tanks introduced. This happens at every tier level. The issues with the tanks were often mentioned on the test server but ignored.

This could be witnessed with the Bat Chatillon 155 noted above or the introduction of the American T110E5 heavy tank. Both of which were nerf'd after being out a few weeks slightly and more as time went on. Both of these tanks were only nerf'd after mass purchases of them had passed and made tanks such as the German E-100 into a bad joke. Even then they still outclass all older tanks and are more desired then any of the older model tanks put into the game to fill the roles.


The F2P model here is exploited in a great many ways. They charge a high price for low tier premium tanks (Nearly the same amount for a month of premium as one tank), premium accounts (Around 15 bucks a month for a single month of premium), and gold in general. The conversion rates of gold for credits are horrid with free exp not far behind (1 gold per 40 credits and 1 gold per 25 exp). A years worth of premium will also cost you a hundred bucks. Something that at that price would become permanent for that much in most other games (Lord of the Rings, Star Trek Online). They even want 50 bucks or close to it for the best credit earning tanks in the game of real cash (The Lowe. The Jagdtiger 8.8, The IS-6) Sadly sometimes they will even nerf these tanks months down the road after the release of a new premium tank. A tank ypu paid real money to play.

Ingame Credit Earning:

They make sure the default rate of any tank past tier 7 cannot pay for itself so that you have to play lower tier tanks to be able to run higher tiers. Take the Tiger II which without premium at tier 8 often barely earns the amount it takes to repair the tank after a battle. Let alone cover the almost 1.2k per shell costs. So you need something like a Sherman E8 low tier to fund the higher tier.

Then they keep making the low tier tanks earn less every few weeks. Thus -encouraging- you to need a premium account or tank to be able to afford to play with your friends or with anyone at all. Such as the German Stug and many others in patch 7.2 .

Lack of hardware support:

The game has a lack of support for things such as multiple cores, crossfire, sli-mode, etc. Thus you are bottle necked down on a high end PC into frame skips and other issues. Due, to the lack of optimization. It is noted they plan to add it later but the date under the news section has been pushed back over a year and does not seem to be getting any closer.

Customer Support:

The customer support section is really a bad joke amongst the players. They will nearly always answer your ticket on almost every issue after at least a day or after the issue disappears. So response time can be considered poor. Especially when this comes to penalty appeals. Which can cause issues if people in low tier tanks kill themselves on your tank by ramming you on purpose. As the auto-ban team damage system will nail you asap. They will then answer it only after the ban has run it's course just so they do not have to speak with you.

The support team will also blame you for connection issues even if you can prove with the Ping Plotter application it is at their server end. Threads get made about this in the game play discussion section of the forums but are nearly always deleted. So a reference is hard to find. You can test this by running the application to IP given to you by a mod in the program and making a support ticket yourself.

High Turnover:

Due to many of the issues above the game loses as many people as it gains. So thus a majority of the new players have no idea how to play the game but buy their way into high tier tanks anyways. Thus making playing solo a headache at best as there are almost no experienced players left. As they have all already left. It does not help the game lacks any real tutorial mode or ways for older players to teach new ones.


Bots are a huge issue and pretty much no action is taken against them. It is not uncommon to see the same person running a bot that causes a team to lose a game for weeks on end with players reporting them every day. Wargaming just doesn't seem to care about the bot problem at all.

Korean MMORPG Like Grind:

The exp system to gain tanks is like Aion or Everquest in scope. You will spend an amazing amount of time without spending ungodly amounts of cash just trying to get new tanks. Only to find out it isn't your play style, you dislike it, it costs to much to run the tank, etc. That or the newest tanks make your latest tank a bad joke. So nobody will want you for clan wars and thus you have to start over again with the long painful grind down a single tank line. Expect to invest a HUGE amount of time in the game to do anything. As only doing the double exp for the first win of the day each day just won't cut it.

Bad Game Mechanics:

Take the spotting system in the game as an example for this one. We will try to keep it simple and say it is kinda like radar in how it spots. Except that it has set time limits for each set distance that cannot be changed and it will only work off key parts of each tank. So that key part must see a piece of the enemy tank and during the set radar ping time.

However this was so poorly put into the game you can often end up with a tank you just immobilized less then 75 meters in from of you disappearing into thin air while in open terrain with no cover. Sometimes a tank will even crest a hill very slowly, turn at you to fire, and start reversing before appearing on your screen due to the mechanic.

This mechanic is also made worst with the spotty camouflage system in the game which changes from tank to tank and with different items/crew skills. That do not always work as the numbers say they will.

If I was to give this game a rating? I'd have to put it at the lowest end of the totem pole every time. One can only hope someone else takes up the niche tank market reigns.