Fun, and you wont expect a darn thing every battle.

User Rating: 9.5 | World of Tanks PC
This game is something that keeps me coming back for more action.
The graphics are nice, since tanks are duking it out in armored combat with no help from any other element (except artillery) it makes it challenging. Dont let the Hard difficulty I put there discourage you, its the tactical challenge we always have to shape up every battle we come up with.
Each nation has its strengths and weaknesses which can suit any player's style which I like and the vehicles are nicely detailed that I take a second look at my miniature Tiger tank for a comparison with the ingame one which they hit it on the money there.
The maps are nicely done and huge, making an infinite amount of possibilities on where will the enemy strike en force. From North Africa to the Steppes of Russia, each battle is different.
All in all, It makes me remember playing the old battlefield games where I rumble along the ruined streets with a tank.