Great game with a greater appetite for money

User Rating: 7.5 | World of Tanks PC
WSAD to move, shift to zoom, aim and left-click to attack.
Reminds me of Mount & Blade...

Anyway, that's all you need to kick people's ass in this game. Tanks are categorised into 3 nations (USSR, Germany and America), and further into 10 different ranks or tiers for you to choose from.

As usual, you will start off with the weakest Tier 1 with either/all of the 3 countries tank that comes free of charge, goes into battles and start earning research points and credits (basic currency in this game). Research points allow you to upgrade your tank equipments and get new tanks, while credits allow you to buy them.

Credits also allow you to upgrade your crew members efficiency, or buy special ammos.

Some of the interesting things in the game is...
- Achievements (Medals) you get for the badass stunts you pulled in the game. Particular love Kamikaze which you earn by ramming a higher tier tank.
- CLAN in this game involved forming of at least 15 players and attacking territories with a similar style as RISK. Difference is that instead of rolling dices, you get involved in the fight itself like a standard battle.
- Has a surprisingly good way of averaging the levels of the players in a game. Not just tiers but somehow the effeciency of the players as well. My WIN percentage always hover around the 50% range.
- 10/10 for sound effects. Who doesn't like the blasting of a huge turret? Also, those crew members will report when you got a hit on enemy, one of them got hurted, etc. Simply awesome that way.

The only bad part I wish to comment about is the money.

We usually play MMO with our friends, and for it to happen here you need a premium account, and for that you'll need points/GOLD, and for that you'll need to spend money to buy it (something like Microsoft points in Xbox). It costs slightly more than a dozen for 3,000points, and it takes 2,500 for a premium 1 MONTH ACCOUNT!

Even with premium account, the maximum number of friends in a game INCLUDING yourself is 3.

Other use including (based on usefulness):
- Creating a CLAN (good)
- Buying slots to store more tanks apart from the default 5 (can do without)
- Buying special equipments and ammos (can do without)
- Upgrade the efficiency of tank crew members (can do without)

IMO, paying a 1-time charge for this game is definitely worth it, but not anything like the above mentioned.

P.S. Have fun playing alone. I am... for now...