A game with all you need, action, depth, longevity, and free.

User Rating: 9.5 | World of Tanks PC
A fun game that hooks you in, its easy to learn how to play and has a multitude of options as you work your way up from level one tanks all the way to level 10, beautiful maps, no wasted time, soon as you die you can jump into another game, and you get your points when it finishes. no bots to worry about, no hackers, a fun game that's free to play, and when you're ready you'll find yourself spending money to get tanks faster. A wide variety of tanks, light, medium, and heavy, Tank Destroyers, and Artillery, add variety. whether you like to rush in, or snipe there is a style of play you. and Its fun to battle it out nose to nose and have your enemy explode from your well aimed shot! or fire across the map and have an enemy die without knowing where it came from, so sorry! (for you) A game you can play for one or two games if time is short or play for hours and rack up the points.