Raises the bar for all RTS developers.

User Rating: 10 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
This is easily my favourite RTS of all time. I think 9.5 is a fair score, personally my only gripe is the length. I'd also like a more flexible single player skirmish mode outside the campaign and online multiplayer. Otherwise this game is perfection.

1. Graphics and physics engine. On par with most FPS's and much grander in scale.
2. Story is believable. Alec Baldwin is a fitting narrator.
3. Gameplay gives you all the control and flexibility you'd expect, and is reasonably easy to learn.
4. Immersion. Sound effects, story, theme, cutscenes. All top notch.
5. Truly 'Next Gen'. Not the tired old RTS format you've been playing all these years. I hope there are more like this in future.

1. Only 1 expansion pack. 2. Needs a customisable single player offline mode (without the points/class restriction).

My score = 10/10.