Ok...here is why this game is great and also why your seeing some people rating it lower...all explained...

User Rating: 9 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
Ok...let me start off by saying after playing this game a good amount of time it is one of the best games Ive played it quite a while and I am NOT a rts fan really.

A bit of background....Ive been playing computer games since Commodore days. Ive played many of the old classic RTS games just to name a few ... Warcraft, Red Alert, Dark Reign, Generals and more. Im always the first to admit Ive never been very good at most of them and never really get into them. I think what always turns me off eventually is that 98% of the RTS games boil down to one of two things...

1) Who can dirt farm the fastest and pump out 40 tanks (or equivelent badarse units) and storm the other guy.

2) Who has the fastest reflexes to mass produce X and Y units and storm the other guy.

I guess I always have done bad in these games because I try to be too deliberate and try to keep organized and setup a "neat" strategy to use specialty units and do this and that. What happens is the game lasts 5 minutes and then I have 20 units and buildings and defenses etc...but the other guy comes in with 60 units and steamrolls me.

One of my favorite RTS style games of all time was Myth. this game has similarities to that old title. You start off with a set of units and the game is more about strategic placement and tactics then it is about mass production. Also you did simply only play 90% of your games 1 on 1. Many times it was 4 on 4 which made the whole affair much less stress intensive as you had a team of other players to help out allowing you to be more deliberate in some strategies while playing.

Anyway....WiC is this type of game. Its not a game for your hardcore RTS players. Those are most the people you see giving this game the 6.5 ratings. They are those guys who love playing C&C games and rolling 15 tanks on you in 2 minutes flat. This game doest cater to that play style.

For me I love this game. Especially in multiplayer as it allows you to go into a game with say 10-12 other people and you can have fun playing in any style you like. You like to be more deliberate? Sit back and play support having fun firing long range artilery. You like to get in and mix it up? Play armor and build a squad of tanks and APC's and roll around picking up bases.

You like micro managing to gain advantage a bit? Play airborne and swoop around with your helo's picking off opponents tanks and infantry with hit and run tactics. It has a little bit of everything depending on your playstyle. And its easy to get into since you have teammates to help out.

This is the game for all the armchair generals out there who want to play war without having to be a master of tech tress or be able to build 40 tanks in 2.2 minutes.

To wrap it up a few other items....the graphics are amazing especially if you have a newer system. The sound is also done very well with everything you would expect. the interface is easy to master and get used to although it may take a while to get quick and your tactical strikes as there are quite a few. Online play is easy and fast with a much lower stress level then most RTS games. This is a game about having fun blowing stuff up without the insane stress or "rush rush" attitude of all the dirt farming RTS games of the past.