World In Conflict - even in 2012, it's the best strategy game out there

User Rating: 10 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
Graphics - even though this game is from 2007, its graphics are still impressive compared to other games. explosions rip buildings apart in great details, forests burn and thick black smoke rises to the atmosphere. there is no game i can tell of, maybe apart from company of heroes or Dawn of War 2 the has such detailed destruction.
every-thing in the environment can be destroyed, burnt and used for cover in this game. which is incredible considering the sizes of the maps that stretch on forever.

Gameplay (single player) - the gameplay is astonishing, there are some in depth tutorials on controlling the camera, troops and reinforcements. the campaign has a rich story describing what would've happened if WWIII broke out, if the Russians would've launched a final assault instead of collapsing. the story may not sound believable, but the way it's told make it seem realistic. there are 14 missions in the game from the american point of view, and the expansion adds a total of six Soviet missions interspersed between the original game's missions. (although not as good as the original 14, these missions still add some game time for those who don't have a great internet connection)

Multiplayer - the multiplayer feature of WiC may be the best feature of the game. players can battle on teams of 8 vs 8, with each player controlling one of four roles on the battlefield - armor, support, air and infantry.
players can join games at any point of the battle, and bots can be added to fill empty spots. the bot AI is relatively good, but it won't do much to cooperate with you and your team unless you specifically request it.
the communication between players during battle has never been any easier thanks to the signs you can put on the battlefield such as request for scouting, help with attacking and even requests for off map support if you cannot allow it yourself.

Price - WiC is currently only 10$ on steam, including the expansion, so it's worth checking out even if you aren't a usual RTS fan.

overall -
Graphics - 10/10

Single player - 9/10

Multiplayer - 10/10