There are only a few Real Time Tactics game that I like. This game figures at the top of the list

User Rating: 10 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
1. Gameplay – To put it in short, this gameplay is something like never before. The user interface bears some semblance to a Real Time Strategy game. However, the semblance ends here. Like all Real Time Tactics games, there is no concept of economics here nor is there any base building. The game features a squad of units under your command consisting of infantry, tanks, helicopters, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft vehicles, etc. The squad is either provided to you or you can choose. However, don't fret if you don't like infantry and would rather have tanks in your squad (in fact that is exactly my feelings though infantry units might get you out of a tight spot sometimes.). You are provided with an amount of reinforcement point at the onset of the game. You can spend these points on "purchasing" units (it is rather like requesting for the units which are subsequently airdropped to your desired location). If a unit is destroyed, then the reinforcement points you spent to purchase it is slowly filtered back to your total pool of reinforcement points. Thus the reinforcement point puts an upper limit on the amount of troops you may have in your squad. The number of reinforcement points may be increased by a requisition by your Commanding Officer. Alongside that you have an array of tactical support at your perusal. Starting from Light Artillery Barrage to Carpet Bombing (you also get a strategic nuclear strike in one campaign), the tactical aids cost you tactical points, which can be regained by destroying enemy units. Each of the unit also has its own special ability. These abilities allow the units to gain a massive upper hand on the enemy. The special abilities are of 2 types – offensive and defensive. I do hope that I do not have to expand on this any further as the names are self-explanatory.

2. Story – The USSR and the USA have always been in a state of cold war. However, the Cold War never escalated to a full blown invasion. World in Conflict changes that. The USSR having been pushed to the brink of collapse chooses military action to solve its problems rather than sit it out. Thus in 1989 they invade Western Europe. The player takes the role of First Lieutenant Parker, serving under Colonel Sawyer alongside the disgraced Captain Bannon. Soon the USSR takes more drastic action and invades USA at Seattle. Pretty soon the US army and National Guard make their stand against the Red Army. Pretty soon it is clear that the Red Army's determination is not to be swayed. And soon enough the People's Republic of China joins the fight against USA. They invade and capture a large portion of Asia and use that as a beachhead against the Seattle. Play the game to find out whether the US army is able to fend off this massive invasion from their Motherland or does USA fall victim to the ruthless Red Army.

3. Graphics – Astounding Graphics. Simply astounding. The level of details in the scenery is remarkable and commendable. The game mechanics are also superb. All in all this one of the best games graphics to be ever seen

4. Music and Sound – The music is great and adds to the atmosphere. The sound effects are awesome. The gritty US landscape is perfectly portrayed with the graphics and the sound effects. The gunshots, tank sounds, plane sounds, bombs, etc. are simply incredible.

One of the best games that I have played. I would recommend this game to any strategy and tactics game fan