This game is absolutely stunning

User Rating: 10 | World in Conflict (Collector's Edition) PC
World in Conflict in my view is the best RTS game ever made. Everything in it is simply amazing and breathtaking. The explosions, the tanks, and the different kinds of bombs in it is amazing. Everything feels so realistic it seems like a war is really taking place in the destroyed city. Im not such a big fan of RTS games but out of all the RTS games that i have played, World in Conflict is the most enjoyable. The graphics are terrific for a 2007 game and is easily comparable to any game of 2013 where graphics are concerned. The only issue is that the difficulty needs to be eased up a bit, but still it dosen't lose a point for the difficulty as the graphics and gameplay compensates for it completely, but overall its the best RTS game of all time and it deserves 10 [PRIME] for its amazing graphics, fantastic gameplay, excellent sound, and sensational explosions.