WipEout 2048 Review

User Rating: 7.5 | WipEout 2048 VITA
I purchased this title completely unaware of how it would be, and solely on the recommendation of a friend saying it was good, he was right.

I was and still am blown away by the visuals and colours of this game, the opening sequence truly shows how powerful the PsVita can be, it's a very sharp sequence with so much detail you just have to see it.

For how the game plays though is what is most important and it plays extremely well, I find it to be slightly slower than the other WipEout games in the series and thus making it much easier to handle. In my opinion, that was a very well planned move and a formula that should be stuck with, it certainly grabbed me into playing the series a lot more.

It has all the usual things you would expect from a WipEout title which helps it keep its style flowing freely.
If you like high speed racing games with plenty of competition online and offline, you'll have a blast. As for the casual gamer I find this will suit them nicely as a quick "pick up and play" game.

Overall it is a good game for visual hunters and racers alike but I can't imagine myself playing more than 10 hours.