A Great Blast!

User Rating: 9 | WipEout 2048 VITA
Ok, Wipeout. Probably the most frustrating game ever made. I've played just about all from the Wipeout series and its one of the most difficult to master. The ships have physics that would have Issac Newton stumped. The pleasure comes from mastering this game because when you do it becomes one of he greatest racers ever. Wipeout 2048 feels like an add on pack to Wipeout HD but with a story. It is set in 2048 which is at the very beginning of Anti gravity ship racing. You can tell aswel because these are some of the dullest tracks ever made. Dont mistake me though they are well crafted and are much wider than before alowing for some truly frantic offensive racing. They are fantastic and for me feel much easy to race on than say Wipeout HD. Now £30 sounds a lot for an add on pack, but lets say you purchased Wipeout HD on the psn store on your ps3. Well because of this you now get to add Wipeout HD and HD fury to Wipeout 2048. The result is 3 games for your £30 all on your lovely vita. It will even have 3 sets of trphys and cross play active. Cross play is to race against ps3 users bringing the vita and ps3 together. and rightly so.
The multiplayer is fantastic and runs so smooth you would'nt even realize you were online. The frame rate never drops and runs well on the vita. I hik the only thing that got me with this game (and this applies to all wipeout games) is that maybe a level of customisation could be added just to add some depth. Aprt from this its an all out guns blazing affair!