This RTS was good.

User Rating: 7.8 | Warzone 2100 (Ricochet Collection) PS
Warzone 2100 is a futuristic RTS game. It takes place after a nuclear bombing occurred on earth from a satellite system called NASDA. The satellite was designed to protect earth but instead it cause the near extinction of humanity.It was known to everyone as "the collapse". Nuclear winter occurred afterwards and the survivors began to search the lands for artifacts that survived "the collapse". In the process of the game, you will control three teams that were sent out to find the artifacts. The game put a lot of emphasis in the ability to customize your units. Each part, weapon, or utility helped out in certain ways. The game also put you up against three tough groups that were fighting against the three recovery teams. The first enemy group tha you would go up against in the western section of the United States is known as the New Paradigm. Then later you move to another section of the U.S. to search for artifacts and face off against The Collective. Finally, on your final campaign and the last part of the game is you move to the northern section of the U.S. to go up against (one of the toughest groups in the game) N.E.X.U.S. As you move through the games missions, more buildings are able to be built, new vehicle parts will be able to be developed, and new weapons and defenses will also be added so you can research them, build them, and use them to your advantage against your enemies. The good side of this game is that it has good missions, lots of customization, and the AI gives you a challenge. The down side of this game is when you have lots of units on the screen at once, it will begin to lag. Another bad thing is that in certain missions you have a time limit to complete them. And the worst part about this game is the lack of ability to save at any point in the game. You have to complete each mission in order to save, and if you fail the mission, you have to start at the beginning of that mission. This game is a good RTS, but it has some major problems with the ability to save anywhere in a mission. It is an ok game, and it is worth a try. Just be ready for those timed missions to really make you mad.