Aaa, The greatest RTS ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Warzone 2100 (Ricochet Collection) PS
Warzone 2100, the greatest real time strategy game ever made.
I spent a lot of days to get through the game.
First there was "The New Paradime".
It was hard to beat them, but i made it.The final stage of the TNP was just nightmare, so hard, i think i played that mission about 3hr.
Ok, then there was "Collective" robots at the urban jungle.
Those missions was just incredible, so i don't want to talk about them, but it was great.
Finally The "NEXUS" smart little creep.
The missions was in winter, and i remember them, like i played it yesterday.
Ok, Warzone2100 has :
1#. Great graphics.
2#. Great missions.
3#. Option that you can customize your tank.
4#. Not many RTS games has story line like this.(I think never will be).
5#. Many different units.
6#. And many more.

Thats why the Warzone2100 takes the place nr.4 in my top, but in RTS top definitely the firts place.
P.s. Pity, but they dont make games like this anymore. :(