I don't care what you say, l love it.

User Rating: 9.3 | Warzone 2100 (Ricochet Collection) PS
Warzone 2100 is probably one of the best classic RTS games out there. You build a base, research, form your army, and go to war. You can do everything from building tank traps to leading super-cyborgs into battle against terrorists. You've got airborne transport vehicles, mortar units, little guys in jeeps with machine guns for crying out loud. You can literally anything. One of my favorite strategies was placing my base in an area where the only way in or out was through a canyon. Then l would build a maze of tank traps and line the upper edges of the canyon with mortar units and guard towers. Ah... the memories of the massacres. Well, that's about all l've got to say, so... bye!