A RTS that focus's on gameplay not quality.

User Rating: 6 | Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition PC
Gameplay: Fast RTS gameplay with objectives such as kill this guy and destory his camp our build something..over and over again very repititive

Graphics: Horrible even for a game from 1999 graphics on the N64 are better than this. Models and enviroments are not detailed at all

Sound: Units say the same thing over and over again in the same voice and music is ok but there is only a few songs that play. Battle noises are fun to hear.

Value: The game is out in a sharware version and its also 10 bucks from blizzard

Replayability: None after you beat it the game is over and there is no use playing again

The Good: ok gamelay and sound

The bad: Graphics,Repititivtness..no replayabilty