Warcraft a fine series of PC games very stratigic. GOOD GAME MUST HAVE

User Rating: 9.1 | Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition PC
ahhh warcraft a fine specimin to have a look at today. lets see where to start. well first of you choose between two species. Orcs or Humans. and they both have diffrent people buildings and up grades. online multiplayer is fun as well as a catchy storyline. or just do instant action which is fun where you select the level and everything. it is a good game no glitches if you have a decent computer.(i have a 98 and it works brilliantly.) Plus if you enjoy this (its been out for awile so it will be pretty cheap) you can buy warcraft 3 or any of the expansions for this game (lord of caos and the ice throne). a deffinite must have if you like stratigic war time games. the computers are hard and smart so its not a walk through the park either. the cheats are fun to use in this game as well.