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FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 - Which Is Best For You? | Versus

FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 - the annual grudge match has once again rolled around, but which one is better?

It's that time of the year again where two of the biggest football video games in the industry are pit against each other. With every new iteration of FIFA and PES, fans of football games are forced to pledge their allegiances to one or the other, and picking between them is a much harder task than you might think. On the one hand, EA's FIFA 19 has all the official licenses, making it the go to for those looking for an authentic broadcast experience. However, Konami's PES 2019 has shown big improvements when it comes to gameplay, thanks in large part to the increased physicality. Given that this decision effectively means investing in one or the other for an entire year, until the next entries in the series roll around, fans scrutinise both games intensely. And that's exactly what we're doing in this episode of Versus, in which Oscar Dayus and Adam Mason discuss the merits of both titles. Both Oscar and Adam have spent a great deal of time playing the games and are well placed to talk about them. However, you can also give our PES 2019 review a read for a more in-depth analysis of Konami's title. GameSpot is currently putting FIFA 2019 through its paces and will have a review in the near future. In the mean time you can watch some Survival Mode gameplay.

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