a powerful simulator

User Rating: 9 | Victoria II PC
Paradox Interactive is one of the best in the grand strategy genre. Till now they have manage to deliver some great titles although they haven't succeed with their first attempts for bug-free releases (Victoria I, EU III).
Victoria II seems to be the turning point for a break with this bad tradition. Gameplay is solid from the first release. A gigantic tech-tree, unlimited options at diplomacy, a very clever representation of market mechanics, and a very deep interplay between social-poltical-economical sections make this "game" a real powerful simulator of the societies in modernity era. Options at tactical battles are on a pretty standard turn-based level -nothing new here.. but the overall attempt feels more like a recreation of history rather an exact representation of historical events.
Graphics have a very impressive zoom effect, models and map from very near cam reminds me Civ IV (but a little more detailed and much less cartoonish). Music is a flawless attachment to the whole theme of the Victorian age.
With a word: many sleepless nights ahead...