Extremely Ambitious Game Design and Brilliant Gameplay.

User Rating: 9 | Victoria II PC
For those who's never played any Paradox game or Victoria 1 before, this is your opportunity to experience one of the best strategy game released in the past decades. Its quality and gameplay element is on par with Civilization IV, Total War series, Galactic Civilization 2, and Europa Universalis III Complete.

And I hated Victoria I, thought it was incomprehensible and extremely unfriendly......

So what is the game about? Well, you can control any country in the world during the 19th century and bring it to greatness by managing your economy, political and social reform, and military properly.

Features I like a lot:

1. Beautiful graphics: I would never characterize the graphics of any Paradox game as "beautiful", but Victoria II's graphics is almost on par with the upcoming Civ5.

2. Great, nice-looking, and friendly tutorials that teach you the basics of the game without being intimidating.

3. Efficient, pretty, clean user interface: most likely you won't have to read the manual to know where important info are. Useful popups are there whenever you think there should be one. This is Stardock quality, if you know what I'm talking about.

4. Bottom-up realistic economics and trading game engine: I am a Wallstreet investment banker, and I know a game does it right when I see one. Vic2 ambitiously and realistically includes a supply and demand mechanics within the game, and it all originates from each individual population unit (POPs).

5. Lastly, the game is fun and complicated, detailed but not confusing. For all who's interested, click on this AAR link and see for yourself: