The most in depth world conquest game ive played to date!

User Rating: 9 | Victoria II PC
I have played many world conquest games over the years and I have to admit that this game puts them all to shame with the amount of depth that the game has available for the players. The player is able to control every single thing about their empire such as

- Government type (Democracy or Absolute Monarchy in the beginning and then it expands to others as the game progresses)

- Control over national reforms such as maximum work hours, minimum wage, pensions, voting rights, public meeting rights, freedom of the press, who can be a citizen of your country etc

- Control over taxes for the poor, middle class, rich, and taxes on imports

- Budget for military, education, government administration, social programs, and national stockpile.

- What technology's to research for navies, armies, industry, culture, etc each adding their own benefits and possible inventions with the discovery of the new technology's.

- Diplomacy with goals such as unification of your country, adding countries to your spear of influence (which forces them to attack country's you go to war with and sometimes gives you the option to combine with countries in your spear of influence into one nation) , building the panama, Suez and other canals, excavations to foreign countries, expeditions to undiscovered lands, claim territories from other country's, force them to pay you taxes and disarm and many other features in the diplomacy department alone.

This list of features only scratches the surface of the complexity of this game. The thing that really caught my attention and drew me to the game was that you could play as any country in the 1800's, most other games focus on only Europe, the Middle East, or the America's. Rarely do you see a game that allows you to play any country in the world and mold that country into whatever you desire if you have enough skill to do so with the superpowers in the world at the time trying to hold you back. The game is hard to learn in the beginning and it will take most people a couple of games of practice to really learn how to play decently but it can be a really addictive game once you know how to play and your game experience is almost never the same in every game that you play.

The Negatives
The only negatives that I saw in this game were that once you start to reach the 1900's almost every country starts to get massive amounts of rebels that keep poping up all over the map and once your done killing them all then just more rebels pop up all over the map agian in a never ending cycle. I also dont like how enemy armies from other country's keep retreating just before their armies lose battles, on several occasions I have gotten zerged by huge waves of enemy superpower armies and instead of finishing them off when I win a battle against a stack of enemy troops they retreat just before they lose the battle while their other stacks of troops are off taking over my other territories and my troops are busy trying to finish off the retreating stacks of enemy troops, it really makes it difficult to defend against enemy attacks if you cant destroy enemy armies completely.

I would still highly recommend the game but I wish they would fix the negative things that I listed. The graphics leave something to be desired but you get used to it after a while, and its kind of a positive since it keeps the system requirements down that means you can play the game on almost any laptop with a graphics card and core2duo or better processor pretty smoothly.