An incredible stand alone adventure that is worthy of the series name it bears in every way!!

User Rating: 9 | Uncharted: The Lost Legacy PS4

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is the much anticipated stand alone expansion (DLC) that was originally scheduled to release after the events of Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog once again proves their unwavering ability to create a great story with lovable characters and still they are able to make it fun and content heavy enough to stand out as its very own title. Gone are the days of Nathan Drake capturing all the spotlight, this time (thank goodness) Chloe Frazer gets her spot in the lime light and boy oh boy does she deliver a shockingly great time.

Some will say that this is not a true game with its own identity, that it hides under the coat tails of Uncharted 4, but I believe on the contrary, that it exceeds its predecessor in several ways as far as sustaining an enjoyable and fun experience. For instance, the new additions to the already addictive elements of gameplay Uncharted 4 was known for, Uncharted: Lost Legacy has many collectible events and items to round up. Chloe can take optional photos on her cell phone, she can have optional dialogue by conversating with the right mate at the right time, she can lockpick the enemy forces weapons caches, and of course, the series bread and butter treasures makes a welcome return. Sure, this may not be as wide of a threshold of new features some fans had hoped for, but the experience as a whole is fulfilling and ambitious enough to be deemed a classic in its own right.

The story arch is this: Chloe Frazer is in India with partner, ex-Shoreline owner Nadine Ross (also one of the antagonists of UC4), but this time mrs Ross has let go of her old mercenary weapons smuggling company and instead has joined the master thief/archaelogist/treasure hunting extradoinaire Chloe, and the 2 form an unlikely alliance that is on shaky standings even from the start. Chloe hopes to fulfill the wishes of a whole nation of India natives and also the dying obsessive aspirations of her dead father, who was all too caught up in the search for the famed Tusk of Ganesh. The bad guy this time is Asav, a cut throat rebel group leader who wants to "cleanse" the nation with his form of sacrificial war fare. So Chloe and Nadine are after the same thing Asav is, only with different reasons and personal motives for the treasure.

All the main highlights of Uncharted 4 make a return, the dramatic action scenes, the intense shootouts of bounty hunters and the lore of a mythical treasure that has been the doom of far too many over ambitious zealots looking to strike it rich. the grappling hook returns and the lost legacy really capitalizes on this ability of daredevil swings and heart pounding madness. Its mostly exhilirating and the story does an exceptional job of keeping the players attention and mixing in puzzles and actions sequences. The game flows perfectly and will end with a sense of closure that wont disappoint but come to make fans appreciate the series even that much more. The beautiful graphics are at the console's bests, pushing PS4 Pro to high def 4k visuals. Its a beauty to look at. Add on top of that all the collectibles & treasures, and you have many terms of replayable greatness. Also, the multiplayer mode of course is another key feature, although it hasnt changed at all, besides Asav being a bad guy who is playable, its the story and characters and well written wittyism that is the star feature in this amazing expansion that could very easily have been Uncharted 5. Amazing title and an amazing series!! Go get it!!