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  • rwjvernon wrote a review of Half-Life.
    User Rating 9
    Review - 23 years late! Game changer ...

    Cannot believe I played this on the first home pc I ever owned. I found alot of games at the time a bit tedious because they just seemed to be running round repeatedly shooting at stuff for no particu...

  • rwjvernon wrote a review of Red Dead Redemption 2.
    User Rating 10
    The Great, The Brilliant and The Beautiful

    This is amazing. I'm not totally into open world games if I am honest, but this one just shows how great they can be when they are done well - and what an achievement this is. Whether I played it in t...

  • rwjvernon wrote a review of FIFA 22 (Ultimate Edition).
    User Rating 9
    FIFA is a great football game

    The firts football game I ever played was on the ZX Spectrum, called Match Day. That game had animations, some running around - it was a football game - but blimey how times have changed!In my house w...

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  • rwjvernon wrote a review of Portal 2.
    User Rating 10
    Kids in school should be made to play it ... !!

    Portal 2 is a amazing creative experience - not only in the massive amount of puzzles to solve but also in the look, feel, atmosphere and comedy. This is no shoot 'em up experience, there is a threat ...

  • rwjvernon wrote a review of A Plague Tale: Innocence.
    User Rating 9
    Original Story - plus the rats are crazy

    Loved the setting - 14th Century France - and the originality of the story. Realising this as a video game was a real achievement, with great acting and dialogue, clever use of the environments and be...

  • rwjvernon wrote a review of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
    User Rating 10
    Original Tomb Raider vision realised !?

    Unchartered The Lost Legacy is brilliantly made, full of beautiful locations, great action, corny but just about credible dialogue and great characters - it's just alot of fun.The Tomb Raider comparis...