UMK is the best fighting game in the world, 2d fighting is better then 3D :D

User Rating: 10 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
Ultimate MK3 is known as the pinnacle of the Mortal Kombat series. After Trilogy, the last 2D fighting game in the series came out, MK really fell down. 12 years have passed since UMK3 came out in 1995, and for people that are desperately wanting a UMK3 arcade machine, or a port of UMK3 for memories, buy an Xbox 360 and get this. UMK3 on Xbox Live Arcade has everything you liked, and some new features. Of course, you'll have to unlock Mileena, Ermac and Sub-Zero again. But occasionally for me, it resets them which is annoying. Best thing to do is, tell your Xbox Live buddies to get the characters and join their games. It helps so you won't have to do it. New to this version of UMK3 is online play, with versus (unranked and ranked) and versus challenger (4 people in a lobby). Versus Challenger is a great Multiplayer mode, since it's basically like a winner stays, loser goes to the back of the line kind of thing. It reminds me of Dead or Alive 4. You still have arcade mode, where it was just like the arcade basically. The CPU AI is difficult, and boy do I mean difficult. Enough said. UMK3 is brilliant and you should not pass this version up. Just now we wait for MK1, MK2, and MK4 to show up on the Live Arcade.