Great game, but for newcomers, you might want something else.

User Rating: 9 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
Let me start off by saying this: If you have never played a MK game before then this is NOT for you, it is way to hard for the inexpierenced player, so if you're new to MK then GET SOMETHING ELSE.

This is an amazing game, a classic game, it has over 20 characters, all classic characters from the arcade. The X-box live for this game is amazing, it can be slow at some times, if the other person has a horrible connection, but that is to be expected from any other game as well, otherwise the multiplayer is a great addition to such a great game, very addictive if you are good, especially the multiplayer, it is also fun to plug in a second controller and destroy a friend on the same 360.

Bottom line: A great game, but if you're new you might want to think of purchasing something else, unless of course you enjoy losing badly on the easiest difficulty. =)