Mediocre not good

User Rating: 5.5 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 X360
In 1993, Mortal Kombat hit arcades and became one of the most controversial games of that era, with blood, gore, and violence...Well MK fans, eleven years later, Mortal Kombat is back! The newest installment of the MK series, Mortal Kombat Deception, brings a vast number of characters, both old and new while attempting to innovate a game which for years has been all about the...well, the "Mature" rating. The gameplay this year for MKD is solid. The new style system which has been implimented is pretty tight. Your character has two different kombat styles at his/her disposal and a personal weapon to use. MK developers threw in another twists, by adding new types of battle arenas which allow the user more freedom to move around...just watch out, because there are some deadly death traps which will as MK would say "konsume your soul". MKD is online this year, which is always a plus, and who wouldn't want a fighting game to be live enabled, especially MKD, where you can trash your opponent and then finish him/her off with a fatality! About fatalites, MKD brings to you the ability to use two fatalities for each character in MKD, and they look sweet, some of the best in MK history! The Hari Kiri (killing yourself) is quite interesting, especially when you don't want to be humiliated with a devastating fatality, why not just kill yourself first? The graphics are sleek and smooth, all the characters in MKD look better than ever (Smoke, Noob, and Ermac especially). There is of course MK's trademark of blood...more blood...and more blood, gore! gore! gore!, but hey, thats what all gamers want to see in a fighting games. The sound rocks, blow by blow you can hear as each punch from Sub Zero blasts into Scorpion's rib cage and then Scorpion counters with that famous trade mark "Get Over here". The sound is terrific, especially for a fighting game. The soundtrack/audio is decent, the best in the MK series, but it could be improved, but looking on the bright side, no game can be perfect. Konquest Mode was a surprise throw in, which I thought would make the game even funnier after reading and hearing the previews. The problem is, it gets very boring and you will have to drag through it to reveal and unlock secret characters, clothing, and arenas. Chess and Puzzle mode I believe were just added in so that gamers could get play something new (although we've seen both used in games before). Both modes aren't bad, I enjoyed playing them, but really, don't spend a lot of time on them, I would rather be unleashing a fury of attacks with Smoke on Baraka. After playing this game for a couple hours now, I must honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it, and of course I am a MK fan, so I was really looking foward to it. MKD will be one of the best fighting games this year, and if you like playing fighting games, MK, or just a gamer looking for a good game to play, go pick it up. I found Mortal Kombat Deception to be a great game, with flaws, of course, but its a giant leap/improvement from Deadly Alliance, which is a great sign for things to come in the near future for the MK brand. mortaaaaallllll Kombaaaaatttttttt