greates fighter alive this goes for all versions.

User Rating: 9.1 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
lets see blood gore beutifulness yes i use beutifullness.
fatality u win beotch.
this game is the best in the series even better than armageddon.
im reviewing all the versions of this game in this version since i like the controls of this one the best also a preview.

oh god theres a lot fo fighters to choose from at least 30 or more i forget.
long game it is pretty dificult but its perfect.
lets see how do u know a game is good if they ported it i think 4 times
it started on snes and sega genesis then it went to the n64 then later on in life it poped up on pc and not too long ago it poped up on xbox live arcade and it has online fighting amaizing.
so much gore and fighting equals perfect.

starting off is hard but u get used to it sound can fuzz sometimes.

difficulty just right
learning curve 10 mins
time spent playing to date over 100 hours.
clasification best in the series
gameplay perfect
graphics perfect 16 bit realtime looking character models or something like that.
sound is ok
value is any one whos any one should own this.

yes this game has been shown and confirmed for the ds but ull see more at e3 07 and also it will be live covered on g4tv.
also im just guessing that when wii makes these virtual games that are wii specific will actually be like wii arcade and it will probably have this game for online play.

one more thing the snes version is actually edited compared to this version.
nintendo aka kid systme lets see if thats true in the ds version.