Ultimate MK 3 is the best MK game on the Genesis!

User Rating: 9 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
These are the resons why I think this game is the best out of all the MK games on the Genesis:

1. Sooooo many characters to play
2. So many cool fatalities to learn
3. New and exciting characters
4. Cool tournament mode
5. Tons of extra content if you beat tournament mode
6. Same good fun the old MK games ahd
7. A video that shows all the fatalities, animalities, etc.
8. Easy controls
9. Challenging enough to appeal to an older audience
10. Extra space invaders mini-game included

As you can see, UMK3 has so many cool features to offer. I know that some of the new characters were kind of stupid-- they must have used sub-zero's ninja model about 7 times to make other different colored ninjas like Ermac, Rain, and Noob Saibot. The other features were really cool, and I thought that this game was just as entertaining as the previous MK games had been. If you have this game, great, go beat the tourney mode and watch the awesome fatality video with the skull icon. If you don't have this game and you are a big MK fan, then I would recommend this game to you if you have a GEN.

Overall, I really liked this game, and I enjoyed the expansion from the original MK3 which didn't have nearly as many characters as UMK3 did. MK3 Ultimate is one of the better MK games out there, and for me, it was the most entertaining out of any MK game on the SNES or the Genesis. Of course now the new MK games are out, and those are really good too, but nothing beats a classic.