probably the best 2-d mk game ever made

User Rating: 10 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 GEN
well this game is way better then mk3. most of the original charcters are back. and i dont know if this is right or not but i heard that in the other versions of the game you had to unock noob saibot, ermac, classic sub zero, and, meleena, i know that milleena ermac and sub zero are unlockables but im not sure about noob. also i hear that rain isnt featured in the other version of the game other then the genisis version.but any way lets move on to gameplay. its pretty much the same as mk3 you use the run to excecute combos you use special movesdo fatalities. and brutalities are enabled. brutalities are extremely difficult for inexpeienced players it is basicly one big combo that end with an uppercut resulting in your opponent exploding to smithereens. it features almost all the characters in the mk series but excludes baraka,johnny cage, and raiden. the game is easily the best in the series. its got good graphics for a sega genisis game. its got tons of gore and some pretty brutal fatalities