umk 3 for the snes is a fun ride,,and many good moments,,eve nif the snes version is not the best;p?,,eh anyway

User Rating: 10 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES

yeah thats right umk3 bring back all the good stuff in me with lots of ass kicking maniak good time;)

with lots of bizarr and crazy and also hilariious,,and facts

step a side from mk3 for a moments,,umk3 this time around bombards u with all the great combatants yet again,,(but not all)

there are lots of good time for me with this game,,like in younger days playd this,,

i distincly remembered this game had alot of screams and yells,,neat stages,,good music,,exelent arenas,,many and many figters,,great options and selection screen,,tons of failure and tons of sucess,,

tons of fun and idiotic funny moments;)

many cool looking ass--special moves etc;),,,

many colors used here;) char plays faster and they also run faster now somehow;D;p

bombards u again with alot of story and indepth t odthat somehow;p..

2player and beer yes;))

ass--kicking time and bubble-gum,,i'm joking,,

dont disturb a mk player its hard pulling everything out corectly at the same time;) ,,

wow,,whoa,,aaah,,whole in one,,hole,,

baaaaaack for good,,back for gold and old and age;)

think twice and be a smart kind before u etc,,,..

and be sharp like a pencil,,or monitor,,old tv etc;),,or whatever;)

dont be a prick be a gentleman,,dont be a douche be a man,,

wins & losses,,,(dont know;p),,,memory cleaned and memory regained,,yes;))

health bar to the maxiumum etc;)

distubingly good times;)

anyway me outie,,for now,,chiao;)

and gl with that;)

back i nthe days,,and i could go on etc,,,